Thursday, January 27, 2022

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    Near Protocol Versus Algorand [Near or Algo which is the best crypto buy?]

    A most interesting outlook on Near Protcol Versus Algorand, two of the most fast growing layer 1 eth competitors, “ethereum killers”. Which is the best investment near or algo? The comparison between near protocol and algorand cryptocurrencies is taking place on many levels such as tokenomics, network activity, investors and more…
    Time frames:
    0:00 Intro
    0:26 Near Protocol Narrative
    4:20 Algorand Narrative
    3:07 Near Investors
    3:45 Algorand Investors
    4:19 Near Protocol Ecosystem
    4:57 Algorand Ecosystem
    6:28 Near VS Algorand Tokenomics
    8:21 Near VS Algorand Network Activity
    13:45 Secret Pet
    – Messari
    – Near Protocol Explorer
    – Algorand Explorer
    – Near Protocol Official Site
    – Algorand Official Site
    In today’s video we present near protocol vs algorand crypto project. Compare the two in terms of TVL, TPS, Total Addresses, Total Transactions, Nodes and on the level of the narrative, tokenomics, investors and ecosystem. Let’s see which is the best investment in the long and short term, near coin or algo coin? Crypto altcoins that can impact in a good way your crypto portfolio.
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