Navy fuel spill 10-times larger than first revealed, water crisis came 6 months later – Honolulu, Hawaii


Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-12-23 01:14:29 –

Honolulu (KHON2) — Whether the Navy must remove Red Hill fuel depends on the balance of state hearings on a major military water pollution crisis. Always an investigation is a follow-up to the amazing revelation at the Ministry of Health hearing.

Navy officials have revealed that much more fuel has leaked from the Navy’s tanks than was previously revealed in the spring. This could be the same pollutant that hundreds of people got sick last month and thousands of people on Oahu couldn’t use water.

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Spills and spills in the Navy’s Red Hill underground tank system have been measured at thousands of gallons at a time and have occurred regularly over the years, in connection with the pipeline to Pearl Harbor.

In a small leak, the release from this May was described as 1,600 gallons last spring. However, that amount was revised 10-fold at this week’s Ministry of Health emergency hearing.

“Not only did the Navy not explain and was completely unaware of the loss of 19,000 gallons, but somehow it went into a fire pipe that shouldn’t contain fuel,” he explained. David Henkin, a lawyer for Earth justice, one of the DOH hearing interveners.

Here’s how 19,000 gallons were disclosed: A lawyer on the Water Supply Commission asked the commander of NAVFAC why the fuel tank capacity was reduced by 473 barrels in 50 seconds on May 6.

“For clarity, my understanding is 42 gallons in a barrel, is that correct?” Asked BWS lawyer Ella Foley Ganon.

“Yes,” replies Captain James Meyer, commander of naval facility engineering in Hawaii.

“That’s roughly right,” Meyer said.

“So if you do math, it’s going to be a little over the 19,000 gallons of fuel we’re talking about. Is that right?” Foley asked.

Meyer added that Navy engineers theorized that fuel had flowed into the fire pipe and leaked on November 20. Within a few days, residents reported the smell and taste of fuel, many became ill, many homes were still unable to use water, and system flushing was underway.

“The takeaway message here is that the Navy doesn’t know what’s going on in Red Hill. There’s no way to control fuel and keep it away from water and water.”

The testimony was part of a health ministry hearing about an emergency order for the Navy to cease operations in Red Hill. The next step in the process includes a Thursday deadline for all parties to submit the proposed findings and conclusions. Hearers aim to submit their proposals to the Department of Health by early next week.

“The order that the department needs to issue to deal with this imminent ruin is to order the removal of fuel from the tank,” Henkin said.

Even if the order is fulfilled, it doesn’t happen overnight. The Navy testified that draining each tank can take up to a week and that another location needs to be found to fill it with fuel. Most of the site’s huge tanks still hold fuel.

“That is, there are 20 tanks, 2 tanks that are semi-permanently unavailable, and 18 tanks at any given time,” Meyer explains. “All of these four are usually out of service or in a clean-inspection-repair or current process. We are currently subtracting 4 from 18 so 14 tanks are active. “

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We will continue to follow up as the hearing and ordering process continues.

Navy fuel spill 10-times larger than first revealed, water crisis came 6 months later Source link Navy fuel spill 10-times larger than first revealed, water crisis came 6 months later

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