Native American designed the Washington logo.Now his family wants to get it back | Washington


NSon Wetzel met with politicians last month from Montana to the US capital, Washington Home game for soccer teams. When he moved through the crowd outside FedExField, he couldn’t help noticing that more than half of his fans wore something with the team’s previous logo.

That logoThe Native American profile, trimmed with a ring of life and two eagle wings, is particularly familiar to Don Wetzel because his late father Walter S “Blackie” Wetzel designed it 50 years ago and handed it over to Jack Kent Cook. had. , The owner of the team. The logo remained on the Washington helmet until last year. The team’s racist nickname has been abandoned..

“He called [the logo] “His most beautiful chief,” Don Wetzel told the Guardian.

Blacky Weszel is the president of the Blackfoot Tribe and for some time National Congress of American Indians, An influential position he worked on to secure Native American housing and vocational training.

The logo was a composite of portraits Blackfoot Confederate Chief named White Calf (Sold as Tougans White Calf to wealthy tourists in Glacier National Park). Blackie regarded the logo as a kind of “symbol of unity” among Native Americans.

“But it’s a kind of thing because the logo is gone,” Wetzel says.

So, at the age of 73, Wetzel, walking around with the help of a prosthesis, headed east and had the team return the logo. It is unknown if Washington owns the copyright of the logo. Wetzel wanted to reuse the logo to be the face of the Blackie Wetzel Warriors Association. Missing and murdered indigenous women Not only other social inequality regarding bookings.

“We could raise another big issue in the country of India,” Wetzel says.

He and his caregiver, Marie Shell, briefly met with team officials, but said, “They continued to disturb us.” He was upset and the meeting ended without reaching an agreement. He hasn’t received a reply from the team, but he’s not surprised. The 2016 meeting with the team about the logo didn’t go anywhere either. Washington is believed to be keen on agreeing with the family, but such a settlement will take time.

Still, when asked to measure the likelihood of regaining the logo, Wetzel added, “I think they’re good because this is a matter of social injustice,” he added, “moral rather than legal. It’s a battle. “

Like many stories, including some folklore, the logo story has many vague areas.For one thing, contrary to common belief, Wetzel has a logo. No A copy of the profile found in the old Buffalo Nickel.

In addition, the logo has barely disappeared. Washington football team NFL I buy a website with an old logo, but a casual search on eBay finds hundreds of such items. Most of them are labeled with the team’s old nickname.

According to Wetzel, his father, who died in 2003 at the age of 88, was long regarded as a tribute to Native Americans, so he didn’t bother with the team’s nickname itself. Besides, Blackie liked the team. The logo was his focus. He thought the exact portrait was more exciting than the “R” logo on the team’s helmet.

To the surprise of the Wetzel family, who were not warned by the team, a new logo appeared on their Washington helmet in 1972.The whole family What I received in return was the product.. The logo remained in Washington for 48 seasons, including a year of franchise glory, a decade including three Super Bowl victories. However, since Dan Snyder became the owner in 1999, the team has played only six playoffs and won two post-season games.

The team’s old nickname was a fierce controversy for most of half a century when the logo was affixed to the team’s helmet, but suddenly changed as the US Patent and Trademark Office removed the team’s six trademark registrations in 2014. Was imminent. Nicknames were despised by a “significant” number of Native Americans.

according to Washington Post July 2014 Report, Don Wetzel was invited by the team to the Virginia office and showed a statue of the logo, usually said to be sitting in Snyder’s office. Blackie Wetzel says he will be part of the team’s family “because of the work he put this logo on his helmet.”

Don was impressed. But when he asked if the family could get the logo back to benefit Native Americans, the team “interfered with us.” In 2016, three years before he was dismissed as club president, Bruce Allen promised Wetzel to sign a contract with Snyder for the logo, but Don said, “Nothing happened.”

The family was honored at FedExField in 2018, but now Wetzel says: “I think they’re trying to remove Blackie from the logo. I really believe.”

He was helped by tight-end Tom Lang in a former Rutgers quarterback. Lang learned about the logo story from a talented former basketball player and coach Wetzel after moving to a house opposite Helena earlier this year to start talking about sports. Wetzel’s latest push has not yet received much media attention outside Montana.

“It’s time to bring it to the East Coast,” Lang tells the Guardian.

Lang says it’s tragic that the Washington Football Team isn’t as “family” as a company, but “my optimism is that people learn about the story.”

Lang adds: “This is a big vision and it takes a lot of people and financial support to make it happen. But here the Montana community needs this kind of support, and now is the time. Don. Is considered the driving force behind this vision. “

Wetzel was able to meet with Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines in Washington and talk to him about his plans for the logo. If Wetzel regains the logo, Don also plans to share it with the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Washington won the match they played last month, but the stadium was just over half, and as Wetzel said, “I didn’t feel the atmosphere. When I returned to 2016, the crowd was hooked on it. I don’t think they have an identity yet. “

Whatever it is, his son has not stopped his crusade just because the Blackie Wetzel logo is not part of his new identity. In fact, Wetzel is even more determined to get it, not just the logo. “I want to regain respect and honor for Blackie and his family,” he says.

Native American designed the Washington logo.Now his family wants to get it back | Washington

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