Naftgas says NATO and Russia negotiations must prioritize Nord Stream 2


The CEO of Ukrainian state energy giant Naftgas says it is ridiculous that Nord Stream 2 is not one of the top priorities of international negotiations with the Kremlin. Repeat his call For further sanctions on the gas pipeline to prevent another Russian invasion.

His comments come shortly after the NATO-Russian Council meeting on Wednesday. This week was the second high-level meeting between Western officials and Russia, following a high-profile meeting between US and Kremlin officials on Monday. Further meetings are being held at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in Vienna on Thursday.

Negotiations are in progress Trying to ease the crisis A rally of Russian troops near Ukraine has triggered a rally, but the future direction remains unclear, and Moscow warns that the situation is “extremely dangerous.”

Naftgas CEO Yuri Bitrenko said he was surprised that Nord Stream 2 wasn’t at the center of the discussion when he spoke with CNBC’s Hadley Gambling on Thursday in Kiev, Ukraine.

“It’s really hard to understand why it’s overlooked or has no effect. They should sanction Nord Stream 2 first because it’s the first thing to come. They’re against Putin. We should show a firm stance again, “Bitrenko said.

“And, for example, if someone wants to discuss further actions in the event of a further attack on the Russian side, they should be talking about Nord Stream 1, so only Nord Stream 2 should be said. It’s not, it’s on the agenda, but it should come first just to show that the West is serious. “

Mr Vitrenko said that if Russia invades Ukraine, it will need to prepare a package of additional sanctions.

View of the pipe system and shutoff at the gas receiving station of the Nord Stream 2 Baltic pipeline.

Stephen Sauer | Image Alliance | Getty Images

The NordStream2 pipeline that isn’t running yet design Detours Ukraine and Poland and delivers Russian gas directly to Germany via the Baltic Sea. The $ 11 billion project is owned by Russia’s state-owned energy giant Gazprom and aims to double the existing capacity of Nord Stream 1.

Critics say the pipeline is likely to be incompatible with Europe’s climate goals, increasing the region’s reliance on Russia’s energy exports and strengthening Russia’s economic and political influence over the region. Claims.

At various talks this week, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, who heads the US delegation, told reporters Wednesday that Russia’s actions against Ukraine would play an important role in the fate of the gas pipeline.

“From our point of view, if Russia resumes its invasion of Ukraine, it will be very difficult to see the gas flowing through the pipeline and see the pipeline go live,” Sherman said. increase. Said NATO-immediately after the Russian Council.

However, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht warned against linking Nord Stream 2 to the growing tensions between Russia and its neighbor Ukraine. There is.

“We need to resolve this dispute and we need to settle it in negotiations. It’s an opportunity now and we need to use it rather than draw a link to a project unrelated to this dispute. There is, “Lambrecht said. Thursday’s German broadcaster RBB, Reuters reported..

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “quite likely”

Former Soviet Republic, like the frontier between Ukraine, Russia and other European countries, I have an ambition to join the EU And potentially even becoming a member of NATO’s Western Military Alliance.

Russia is strongly opposed to this outlook. The Kremlin has demanded that the United States prevent NATO’s further eastern expansion and should not allow former Soviet nations to join the alliance.

Kiev-Russia relations plummeted in 2014 after Moscow merged the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine and assisted pro-Russian separatists in the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine.

Thursday NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg reconfirmation The group’s “Open Door Policy” and the right of each country to choose its own security agreement. He said both Russia and NATO are ready to resume negotiations following a “very serious and direct exchange” on the situation in and around Ukraine.

Vitrenko told CNBC Thursday that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was “quite likely,” but added that it hopes the West will stand up to all attacks.

“I’m not in a position to teach the US government how to resume international negotiations,” Bitrenco said when asked if US authorities should build a tighter relationship with Russian authorities.

“My personal experience in dealing with Putin is that I can only get Putin to do the right thing if I am ready to confront Russia,” he added. “So they only understand a strong position in the negotiations, so unless you’re ready to show that you have a strong position. [and] If you prepare in advance, you won’t have a chance to beat Putin. “

— CNBC’s Holly Ellyatt contributed to this report.

Naftgas says NATO and Russia negotiations must prioritize Nord Stream 2

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