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    NADA educates car dealers to help shoppers buy EVs

    • The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) today Chargeway Teach member dealers EV sales technology.
    • The pilot program in Oregon revealed to sales reps that many dealers needed to speed up electric vehicles, which increased EV sales.
    • Charging methods are one thing dealers need to be able to explain, but there are many other features, from searching for a charging station to claiming tax incentives for EV purchases.

      For more than a decade, franchise car dealers have been an obstacle rather than supporting the sale of electric vehicles. But that may change soon. If all goes well, new car shoppers will be happy to help dealers educate dealers on how to use EVs, especially how to charge EVs, and the main causes of misunderstandings not only for shoppers but also for salespeople themselves. You may find that they will.

      Today, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) announced that it has chosen Chargeway to help its member dealers explain EV charging. This shows how shoppers travel by electric vehicle along the route using a charging station. NADA and Chargeway preview the news exclusively Car and driver..

      Soon, shoppers may be able to enter their travel patterns into the dealer’s website to find ways and places to charge their EVs on local and road trips. Dealer sites offer all relevant financial incentives from federal and state governments, as well as local utilities. The goal is to educate shoppers on how EVs can fit into their lives before they step into dealerships.

      A chargeway kiosk at an Oregon dealer.

      Chargeway via Facebook

      Chargeway is its simple and intuitive Color-coded visual language To identify and distinguish EV charging stations.It quickly expanded to help Oregon understand and sell EVs more effectively. Place a large kiosk in the showroom.. These show sales reps and shoppers together locally how to find a charging site along a driver-specified route, route trips between charging stations, and spend (or less time) there. increase.

      Early on, the Oregon Automobile Dealers Association realized how difficult it was for members to sell EVs effectively and worked with Chargeway to give them an incentive to pilot the system at a voluntary dealership. The kiosk has information on incentives from Oregon to buy EVs, and incentives from charging rates, incentives to install home charging stations, and other related local utilities for EV-related purchases. Was also included.

      Small tests by some dealers provided conclusive evidence: EV charging and effectively educating shoppers on how cars can make longer road trips. A dealer with a Chargeway kiosk sells more EVs From an equivalent dealer without them.

      The final step was to integrate Chargeway mapping, routing, and education. That phone app And showroom kiosk —On the dealer’s website.. According to the new partner, this was actually the sale of NADA on Chargeway.

      Mike Stanton, CEO and President of NADA, said: The group said, “Chargeway was the best answer to the questions dealers were asking about EV charging. How long does it take, how home charging works, what incentives are available, and what temperature and speed are for EV road trips? How will it affect you? “

      As EV proponents have known for years, turnarounds are spectacular. The dealer didn’t want to sell the EV— Sometimes for very practical reasons. Hundreds of EV shoppers reported visiting dealers to find indifferent or ignorant salespeople. Some said it wasn’t true about EVs, while others worked hard to get them from EVs to petrol cars.

      November 2019 report released by the Sierra Club Renewal of electric vehicles: National survey of EV shopping experience, Showed the extent of the problem.

      Three-quarters of dealers did not sell EVs at all. In 28% of the stores visited by “secret shoppers,” sales reps did not provide any information on how to charge the EV. Also, 31% of the dealers visited did not provide information on state and federal incentives for EV purchases.

      Perhaps the worst of all is that one in ten dealers who sold the EV hadn’t recharged the test vehicle to provide enough range to provide a test drive.

      It hasn’t been an option for a long time. All automakers selling in the US will offer at least one EV in the coming years. Leading manufacturers from GM and Ford to Volkswagen and Hyundai Kia are planning to offer all types of EVs while reducing their gasoline lineup before they are significantly abolished after 2035.By the way, that year is the same year California will discontinue sales of new gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks...

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    NADA educates car dealers to help shoppers buy EVs

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