Saturday, September 18, 2021

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    Mytheresa can withstand changes in shopper habits with the boom in the fourth quarter and the full year.

    Mytheresa It reports another strong quarter and year and exceeds its own expectations. “Exceptional net sales growth” was seen in the fourth quarter, surpassing both 2020 and 2019 for the full year.


    According to the German-based business, net sales for the fourth quarter (three months to the end of June) were € 162.4 million, up 36.1% year-on-year. Meanwhile, full-year net sales were € 612.1 million, up 36.2% year-on-year.

    But perhaps more importantly, quarterly net sales growth was 60.5% and 61.5% per year compared to the pre-pandemic period, making online a much more important part of luxury retail. It emphasizes how strong the business is growing. ..

    It also states that while adjusted EBITDA margins have risen from 7.9% to 9%, adjusted EBITDA continues to be profitable at € 54.9 million, up from € 35.4 million in the previous year.

    Luxury multi-brand digital platforms can continue to successfully deliver strong growth driven by “fundamental changes in consumer behavior and a superior business model based on sharp luxury customer focus and strong brand partnerships”. Said that.

    In the fourth quarter, “due to a surge in consumer demand,” we achieved “significant” growth in the United States (+ 133.3% year-on-year), with significant net sales growth in all regions.

    This quarter we struggled to reach luxury shoppers with our exclusive capsule collection and pre-launch, in addition to high-impact top customer events in Beijing and Paris. Alexander McQueen, Loro Piana, Jack Mus, Missoni, Brunello Cucinelli, Roger Bibie, Valentino, Christian Louboutin more. We also launched the first Beauty Pop in collaboration with The Estee Laud Companies. La MerBy Frederick Maru and Killian.

    So what’s happening now? good, The company is bright in about a year until June 2022. GMV is forecasting growth of 22% to 25%, ranging from € 750 million to € 770 million. Active customers are expected to grow similarly, with net sales of € 680 million to € 700 million. Gross profits also increased by 21% to 24% to € 345 million to € 355 million, with adjusted EBITDA margins in the upper half of the long-term range of 7% to 9%.

    CEO Michael Kliger said of the last 12 months: We strongly support our unique and outstanding value proposition for our customers and brand partners on a global level.

    “Mytheresa focuses on curation, content and services, with stable gross margins and, most importantly, very high customer satisfaction, with exceptional top-line results that exceed our expectations. Brought about. The shift of consumer demand to luxury online has been significantly accelerated by pandemics. We are confident that this trend will continue in the post-pandemic world, probably seen before the pandemics began. It will be back to strong market growth. ”

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    Mytheresa can withstand changes in shopper habits with the boom in the fourth quarter and the full year.

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