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    My Profit Radar Revealed 2 Stocks Ready to Pop After Earnings

    Last week’s feature article Revenue Edge The stock didn’t do much.

    Points International Ltd. (Nasdaq: PCOM) Earnings fell, but then recovered to stay wedge-shaped. The breakout is still coming, it hasn’t happened yet.

    Cryptocurrency Platform Coinbase Global Inc. (Nasdaq: coin) I fell ahead of earnings and didn’t do much after the announcement. However, the inventory was already in place. The ongoing integration is bullish and COIN share can be expected to rise in the coming months.

    of Revenue EdgeLooking for big moves around the quarterly report.

    However, My latest research advisory The service finds even sharper moves without betting revenue … without holding for months or years at a time … and without waiting for a specific time of the year.

    Within a few days, it can cause multiple three-digit increases each week.

    You no longer have to hold for weeks or months just to realize your profits. These benefits come virtually overnight.

    And that’s all thanks to this 1 line of code From the presentation below.

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    For today Revenue edge, This week, we’ll look at two tech stocks that are expected to make big moves. Dell Technologies Inc. (NYSE: Dell). When Zoom Video Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: ZM).

    Revenue Edge Stock number 1: Zoom Video Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: ZM).

    Earnings announcement date: After closing on Monday.

    Expectations: Revenue of $ 1.10 per share. Revenue is $ 1 billion.

    Analyst Average Rating: Excellent.

    When it comes to prices moving around revenue, it’s all about charts for me.

    We look for potential breakouts or stocks that simply have room for execution. Zoom falls into the latter category.

    Based on the chart, the stock sits in a wide descending wedge pattern.

    ZM has room for movement

    ZM Stock Chart Revenue

    Source: Optuma.

    The descending red resistance line converges with the descending green support line. However, this has been done over the past year or so. Since October last year, ZM has fallen by more than 50%.

    However, pay attention to the color of the bars in the chart.

    They are currently red. This means that the inventory is in the lagging quadrant of my profit radar. You can see that the stock is lagging behind the market. But what it tells us is to expect a rally.

    This is because stocks naturally rotate the market in a particular cycle, going from market lag to improvement (blue), then lead (green), then weakening (yellow), back to lag and starting over. ..

    You can see the four colors displayed in the graph.

    In most cases, when it hits the red color, it shoots high immediately. Not every time, but most of the time.

    And since ZM trading is taking place at the bottom of the wedge pattern, look for bullish moves around profits.

    Revenue Edge Stock number 2: Dell Technologies (NYSE: Dell).

    Earnings announcement date: After closing on Tuesday.

    Expectations: Revenue of $ 2.30 per share. Revenue is $ 27.3 billion.

    Analyst Average Rating: Excellent.

    Dell Technologies is an On Again, Off Again public company and is currently very public. It was closed in 2013 and republished in 2018. Currently, DELL has risen by more than 200% since returning to the New York Stock Exchange.

    Investor I still love this stock. For this week’s earnings, I would like to point out the upward momentum we are seeing.

    Dell upward orbit

    DELL Stock Chart Revenue

    Source: Optuma.

    You must love the strength we see here. Most of the year has been flat, with breakouts and surges only in September and October after being highlighted by previous green resistance levels.

    Investors are now chilling DELL, temporarily forming a downward resistance level.

    The previous green resistance level is now supported.

    But after the cycle I mentioned earlier, DELL is ready for a breakout. Since late September, stock prices have risen in the leading (green) and weakening (yellow) segments. And it kept around those levels through the lagging (red) and improving (blue) segments.

    Returning to the key quadrants in the next few days, we’re ready for a turnaround that could see a surge in earnings this week.

    nice to meet you,



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