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    My iPhone needs a jubilee pudding too

    This week’s newspaper is full of plans to celebrate Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.. A party, parade, tree planting, and a new “Platinum pudding“.

    If there is precedent, the pudding plan should be taken seriously. The British sandwich shop and salad bar was originally created as a dish of George V’s Silver Jubilee and later renewed for the Queen’s joining in 1953, afflicting us with the renamed Coronation Chicken. increase. New desserts have cluttered our sweet menu for decades.

    But while these plans are right and right, it was impressive to see the details released on the same day that some media outlets celebrated the 15th anniversary of the first iPhone announcement. Sure, it’s just a crystal jubilee, and it’s even more noteworthy because it feels like you’ve spent more than 20 years staring at your smartphone. While the monarch is getting ceremonial puddings and more, there are still no official plans to commemorate this much more groundbreaking anniversary. This is a phenomenal oversight, considering that the Queen is not yet available even in the touchscreen version.

    After all, the iPhone isn’t the first breed, but it’s the device that started the smartphone revolution. This was the moment when the whole world caused neck pain and led generations to surgical attachment to their phones. And you’re not even asked to dream of a special pudding to commemorate the event. (Apparently there was talk of ceremonial pudding, but many good apple recipes have already been taken and the Fruit Producers Association is not very supportive of transferring dessert copyrights. This is a tragedy. Can you imagine the hype of the winner? “With the thinnest pastry crust ever, the juicy fruit, the most accurate and accurate slices, and the most unrefined caster sugar, we re-dessert. Invented it … and called it Apple iTart. “)

    The lack of a festival program may of course be in Apple’s famous ones secret.. Perhaps there are still staff working on plans for a program to reinvent the anniversary. The full catalog of celebrations may be downloaded to our phone without our consent in future updates, such as when the U2 album was automatically installed on the iTunes user’s device.There are also rumors New model Someday this year. This isn’t all that surprising as there are always new models this year. But perhaps we’ll see a special $ 15,000 iPhone designed by. Damien Hirst In collaboration with Swarovski, featuring Steve Jobs holographic images on his back. Oh, and a little better camera.

    The broader problem is that Apple may not really want to do anything that might distract people from their phones. Indeed, the challenge these days is that we have to step on the line between ubiquitous and what seems to be a concern for screen addiction. This is an issue we are currently working on with the ability to control when the device is available, without irony.

    Anniversary also coincides with a new book that highlights how the Internet and social media are destroying our attention. Unfortunately I forgot the title and it was too long to read.

    Apple obviously has a way to rival the Windsor family for the Jubilee project, but royalty can also learn a lot about product updates.surely Abdication upgrade It’s been quite successful, but in general Apple has shown that it’s much more effective at phasing out obsolete models. It’s hard to imagine the people of Cupertino waiting so long to deliver the new and improved Duke of York.

    Older models last longer than modern usage, and many believe that they are actually damaging the entire product. If they leave it for much longer, the precious York mark could go as far as the Duke of Clarence, a brand that has been contaminated for centuries. The early Duke of Clarence was executed as a traitor, but the latest is currently only remembered as a possible Jack the Ripper. These last claims are arguably wrong. Especially because the Duke of Clarence took his nephew to Pizza Express during the murder.

    The once popular Sussex brand is moving away from its core product suite and needs to be discontinued or renewed. On the other hand, it’s nice to see the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess maintain the tradition of regular product launches, even if they haven’t reached Apple’s frequency yet.

    Perhaps the ideal solution is a partnership between these two great brands, as both sides can learn something from each other. A platinum iPhone with a national anthem ringtone, a device that reinvented Jubilee.

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