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    Music in gambling establishments

    Why does calm music play more often in land-based casinos… Let’s find out some nuances about what music is in gambling establishments: how it is chosen and what impact it has on visitors of land-based and online casino.

    Music in gambling establishments

    Being a part of the multibillion-dollar entertainment industry, land-based casinos offer their guests a relaxation atmosphere thought out to the smallest detail. The most important role in this is played by music, which undoubtedly affects the emotional state of a person.

    There is a myth among players that the musical accompaniment in the casinos not on gamban is designed to zombie visitors, dull their attention and make them stay in the gambling establishment as long as possible. This is not true. The main purpose of musical accompaniment is to create a comfortable environment so that the client gets more pleasure from the game.

    Music does not distract guests from the gameplay, but makes it more exciting and enjoyable. Unobtrusive melodies are not able to prevent a player from focusing on betting on roulette, blackjack or poker.

    This is indicated by the fact that unique playlists are used in different halls of land-based casinos, and the collections of tracks in gambling establishments are very different from each other. Somewhere there are famous songs, somewhere there are melodies without words. Minor and major, belonging to different genres and directions. Each casino adheres to its own ideas about what kind of music and at what time should be played for the guests of the institution.

    Las Vegas Casino

    Las Vegas has become famous in many ways thanks to the entertainment shows taking place on their territory. In the 1950s, the owners of large institutions began to offer guests performances of popular artists. The superstars of those years:

    • Frank Sinatra
    • Elvis Presley
    • Dean Martin and many others took the stage.

    In the following years:

    • Barbra Streisand
    • Michael Jackson
    • Celine Dion took up the baton.

    Casino owners signed long-term contracts with artists who stayed in Las Vegas for a long time and entertained the audience every evening.

    This trend is still supported, for example, in 2017, the famous singer Lady Gaga signed a two-year contract to perform in Sin City. The performances of the stars attract the attention of guests, but this is only part of the musical life of land-based casinos.

    When the stages are empty waiting for concerts, background music sounds in the halls. In the Palms gambling and entertainment complex, the general director of the institution, Todd Greenberg, personally took over the responsibility for compiling the playlist. He insists that the list of musical compositions should include diverse melodies that will appeal to different players, but will not cause rejection from anyone. This is another way to please your guests. Greenberg‘s constantly edited playlist contains several hundred tracks.

    Lounge Music

    Often, relaxing lounge-style music sounds in the casino halls. This is also the case in Agent no Wager Casino. This direction was formed in the 1950s. The very name lounge music, or music for the hall, indicates how the genre originated.

    Unobtrusive melodies were created specifically to create a calm atmosphere in the halls of hotels, on the territory of shopping centers, cafes and restaurants. Such accompaniment set up visitors in a friendly way, gave them positive emotions.

    Casinos very quickly adopted the experience of hotels and shops and began to include lounge-style compositions in gaming halls. Soft light melodies sound in the casino day and night, when there are no shows, discos, raffles, etc. This practice was later adopted by virtual casinos found on similar resources.

    Music has a huge impact on the mood of customers and the overall impression of visiting the casino. It helps to create a suitable atmosphere for a relaxing holiday or unrestrained fun, to fully experience the pleasure of the game. The owners of the establishments do everything to make the guests happy and return for entertainment, therefore, the same high requirements are imposed on the musical accompaniment in the best casinos as for the service and service of visitors.


    The considered trends relate more to the land-based casino. There is no clear framework for music in online casinos. Many players even turn off the online casino music and include their playlist. Therefore, it is a little more difficult to identify trends in this area, but research is being conducted.

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