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    Multiple factors fueling Las Vegas sportsbooks – Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-09-03 22:55:11 –

    Las Vegas (KTNV) — A big weekend for football fans! Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the college football season, followed by the first NFL Sunday of the next weekend. And football represents a big business for Las Vegas sportsbooks.

    Even when COVID-19 closed the casino, sportsbooks were betting online whenever professional sports were taking place. With the ability to place bets directly, this season’s handles can be huge.

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    Jeff Benson, Sportsbook Operations Manager at Circa Sports, said:

    Recently, he is preparing for an onslaught of imminent action during the first week of the football season.

    “It’s really crazy. To have only a standing room, sell out all the seats and get the crowd to cheer, there are 7, 8 and 9 football games at a time. This is unique. It’s an experience. ” Benson.

    Even at the peak of the pandemic, when sports finally returned, Benson says sports betting barely skipped beats. He admits a few things, starting with the reduction of the stigma surrounding the industry.

    “When I moved here 10 years ago, there was definitely a stigma in what gambling was. With national legalization, I think it’s just player education, and they’re home. When they start studying in the state, they feel a more comfortable bet when they come to Las Vegas, “Benson said.

    Mobile betting has also contributed to the growth of the sports betting industry, allowing bettors to place bets from anywhere in Nevada via the app.

    “Usually we tend to play apps. For us, we think we’re playing in the 75% to 80% range. This is very synonymous with what we see elsewhere. Betting has both retail and mobile components, “Benson said.

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    Finally, in an industry traditionally dominated by middle-aged men, Benson says sportsbooks are benefiting from a variety of demographics and are of increasing interest.

    “As the education of beginners improves and the general public better understands the industry, you will definitely look at the demographics of both young and old, and definitely more women will do ours. I think you’ve seen that you like what you’re doing, “he said.

    “At our football contest, we’re mostly men, but we’ve certainly seen a little more women come in and take an interest in it,” Benson added. “And I think football, above all, generally attracts both male and female populations.”

    The resurgence of major football contests is also a big attraction for bettors.

    For example, Circa has held two contests during the NFL season, offering a total prize pool of $ 10 million. However, participating for $ 1,000 per entry is expensive.

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