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    More people need to watch the best TV show on Netflix

    Please watch this TV show.


    In the universe where everyone is running From a good show to watch, More people should be talking about darkness.

    But that’s not the case. That’s weird.

    Dark’s third and final season, a mind-boggling show that cleverly combines family internal drama and time travel, has recently been released. Netflix And, as in the previous two seasons, dominate all possible levels.

    Stranger Things-Season-3-Kids-Eleven-ScrunchieStranger Things-Season-3-Kids-Eleven-Scrunchie

    The Stranger Things comparison makes sense, but Dark is a very different show.


    Dark is its core mystery Stranger Things -Most Frequently Compared Shows-Dark’s first season focuses almost exclusively on finding missing children.But in this show, the kid hasn’t escaped to the parallel universe, but another time Last 30 years.. Over time, Dark is a show that works in several different time zones and dimensions.

    Dark has everything.It’s a complex, interwoven plot twist Westworld Looks like a clever show pretending to be for kids.It gets these twists Also Being a delicately written study of broken family interactions and claustrophobia in small towns.

    A show that easily juggles the risks associated with the story of time travel. Dark’s storyline is complex, playing sports waiting for it to completely collapse. I spent three seasons waiting for Dark to drop the ball and fall under its own weight, but it wasn’t.

    Uh ah. Here’s that exaggeration: This TV show is a terrible miracle.

    Perhaps the worst thing you can say about Dark is that it’s an exaggeration. For example, unlike other time travel shows like the Outlander, he’s overjoyed at the camp and asks to see ironically, but Dark is completely serious about it. It’s unforgiving.

    Dark wants you to really care what’s happening on the screen. It infuse the plot with multiple explicit references to Ariadne and the Bible. In most science fiction novels, this is enough to separate my eyes from the socket and roll them deep into the brain, but Dark gets the megalomaniac by being good enough to actually keep them. To do.

    Want to inspire Greek mythology and classical literature to liven up a lively, watertight conspiracy through dazzling performances and stellar writing? Who says no? Go for your life.

    Perhaps the best part of Dark is that, unlike other so-called “Prestige Shows”, there is no loss of quality. There is no “wilderness” season like Lost. Or skippable episodes like Stranger Things.Don’t dark Hurry to the conclusion like Game of Thrones, Or betray the year of character building on the service plot. No, it remains very good calmly and exactly from start to finish. I can’t think of another show like that. At least not with Netflix.

    So why isn’t anyone talking about it? Why are Dark Sustainable Quality Shows Not Trending on Twitter? Why don’t people get angry with spoilers or get caught up in friendships that end discussions on Facebook? Does Dark literally just drop the star’s closing season on Netflix and feel like no one-even Netflix itself-is even aware of it?

    Is it “complex”? Maybe. Tracking the darkness can be difficult, and 100% expect viewers to remember the complex details of a vast family tree that spans multiple different timelines.

    Time MachineTime Machine

    Darkness extends to several different times (and dimensions).


    Is Dark under-promoted compared to other Netflix shows? probably.Me Did it Start watching the dark After the first season of Stranger Things.. The show seems to be working behind the more popular shows in the recommendations.

    Are you German?apart from Of parasites win In Oscar, I think subtitles are still a big barrier. You can definitely see a large network in the United States buying a Dark license and using an English-speaking actor to produce a (probably inferior) version of this show.

    In any case, more people need to see the dark.

    I mean it’s right there. Three seasons of perfect TV available on the streaming services you’re most likely to subscribe to. Dark doesn’t disappoint you or turn into shit like the Game of Thrones. It doesn’t end up unfinished like Deadwood, or it doesn’t make sense like Westworld.

    The darkness is there. I thought to be spoken. Be obsessed. Nice to meet you.

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