More accurately identifying colorectal cancer through microbiome composition


Relative abundance of phyla (a) and genus (b) in different collection methods on day 0. Taxa with an average relative abundance of less than 1% were classified as rare categories. FR Fresh Freeze; FIT0 immediately frozen FIT samples. SB0 immediately frozen the stabilized buffer sample. Credit: DOI: 10.1038 / s41598-021-99046-w

To study colorectal cancer more efficiently, microflora scientists at the University of Tartu characterize the composition of the microflora from sample tubes used to screen for colorectal cancer to test fecal occult blood. Is done.

Epidemiological data show the incidence of colorectal polyps cancer It is expected to increase by 60% by 2030 due to the aging population and the growing popularity of the Western diet and lifestyle. In many countries, individuals are invited to participate in a population-based screening program to enhance early cancer detection by analyzing fecal blood with a fecal immunochemical test (FIT) followed by colonoscopy. I’m starting to call.

“However, current screening programs face multiple challenges, including low participation and low sensitivity to pre- or early-stage cancers. False positives Especially false negative results. As a result, new, highly specific, inexpensive, and sensitive non-invasive screening tests that improve detection of precancerous colorectal lesions and cancer are urgently needed to reduce disease incidence and mortality. “It has been done,” said Kertu Liis Krigul, the first author of the paper.

Accumulated evidence indicates that the microbiome contributes substantially to the development of colorectal cancer.Therefore, complement Fecal occult blood Examination by gut microbiota analysis may improve the detection of colorectal cancer.

In this study, researchers tested FIT tubes used nationwide. Colorectal cancer screening A program on volunteers found that they were also suitable for analysis of the microbial flora. However, the actual ability to detect cancer-specific bacterial characteristics using this collection method will be studied in patients with and without CRC.

“Detection of colorectal cancer with additional microflora-based biomarkers may make the diagnosis of colorectal cancer more sensitive and cost-effective,” said Krigul.Fecal sample from Colorectal cancer Screening programs can be an excellent resource for the detection of biomarkers, which can lead to early detection of cancer or pre-onset (precancerous condition).

The authors use stool samples from FIT tubes to discover biomarkers and to study the role of the gut microbiota in other gastrointestinal disorders previously associated with the gut microbiota, such as pancreatic cancer. I think it can also be used as a resource. Inflammatory bowel disease For cholangitis, and population studies, samples are often mailed and fresh frozen samples cannot be used.

“Therefore, obtaining accurate microbiome profiles from FIT tubes used in multiple screening programs in Europe is important for new research potential and future biomarker discovery that facilitates microbiota collection. It was a step, “said Krigle.

The study is published at Science report..

Intestinal sensation: Changes in the microbial flora may mean early detection of colorectal cancer

For more information:
Kertu Liis Krigul et al, using fecal immunochemical tubes to analyze gut microbiota, may improve screening for colorectal cancer. Science report (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s41598-021-99046-w

Provided by the Estonian Research Council

Quote: Https: // through the colon through the microbiome composition (October 8, 2021) obtained on October 8, 2021. More Accurately Identify Rectal Cancer

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More accurately identifying colorectal cancer through microbiome composition Source link More accurately identifying colorectal cancer through microbiome composition

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