MLB Owners Lock Out Players With First Work Suspension Since 1995 | MLB


Major league baseball baseball When the sports collective bargaining agreement expired on Wednesday night and owners immediately shut out players in a move that threatened spring training and the opening day, they plunged into their first job suspension in a quarter century.

Management’s strategy, which is equivalent to a strike under federal labor law, ended sports peace in 9,740 days over 26 and a half years.

The team decided to force a long-awaited showdown during the off-season, rather than risking players going out in the summer as in 1994. Athletes and owners have succeeded in four consecutive agreements without stopping work, but are accelerating towards a clash. More than 2 years.

“We believe that off-season lockout is the best mechanism to defend the 2022 season,” baseball commissioner Rob Manfred wrote in a letter to his fans. “We hope that lockouts will start negotiations in a hurry and lead us to an agreement that will allow the season to start on time. The Players Association’s vision for Major League Baseball is the competitiveness of most teams. This defensive lockout was needed to threaten. “

The talks, which began last spring, ended Wednesday after a short session of just a few minutes away from the two camps on dozens of major economic issues. Management negotiators left the union’s hotel about nine hours before the transaction expired at 11:59 pm EST.

MLB’s 30 controlling owners hold a brief digital conference to reaffirm their lockout decisions, MLB In a letter sent by email to the Major League Baseball Players Association, we announced our fourth lockout in line with five strikes.

“This drastic and unnecessary measure does not affect the player’s determination to enter into a fair contract,” union leader Tony Clark said in a statement. “We continue to negotiate new collective bargaining agreements that will strengthen competition, improve products for our fans, and promote membership rights and interests.”

The outage began 30 days after the Atlanta World Series victory ended the entire season, following 2020, when the pandemic was shortened at an empty stadium.

The direct impact of lockouts is from MLB’s notes to the club, signature freezes, cancellation of next week’s annual winter meeting in Orlando, Florida, and teamworkout facilities and waitrooms while cooling ticket sales in 2022. It was the expulsion of the player.

Unions demanded change following anger over lower average salaries, and middle-class athletes were abandoned in favor of low-wage youth, especially among clubs that abandon rosters for reconstruction. Evicted by a team that concentrates salaries on veterans.

“As players, we have a big problem with that,” said Max Scherzer, pitcher of the 2016 Agreement at the New York Mets. “First and foremost, we need to look at the issue of competition and how the team behaves for the specific rules within it, and make adjustments to elicit competition.”

With 11 weeks remaining for pitchers and catchers to report their spring training on February 16, it will take about 70 days to reach a contract that will allow them to start on time. The opening date is set to March 31st and has required a minimum of 3 weeks of systematic training in the past.

Management saw the team as a significant change in the economic structure of the sport, including free agents and reduced service hours required for payroll arbitration, with the aim of maintaining salary limits gained over the last few decades. Rejected the union’s request for things.

Many clubs scrambled to add players before the lockout and promised more than $ 1.9 billion in new contracts, including a day record of more than $ 1.4 billion on Wednesday.

The union statement was specially calculated that lockout would “pressure players to waive their rights and interests and abandon sincere bargaining proposals that would benefit players as well as the game and the industry as a whole. We were here before, and players have stood up again and again, guided by the solidarity that has been built up over generations. “

The union is withholding licenses, just as it would normally enter into negotiations. Cash, US Treasury securities and investments totaled $ 178.5 million on 31 December last year, according to a financial disclosure form submitted to the US Treasury.

MLB Owners Lock Out Players With First Work Suspension Since 1995 | MLB

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