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The relationship between Miranda and Choi has undergone a dramatic (and very sultry) change in the episode “And Just Like That” on December 29th. In addition, Carrie admitted that she missed Samantha.

Carry brings Cima In her beloved apartment, and we always get a glimpse of the hidden front door. Carrie has a backache, so she has an umbrella to use as a cane when climbing stairs. Carrie considers it a “fully general elderly condition”, but Cima immediately calls her doctor’s cousin.

Carrie thinks she has arthritis, but Dr. Patel tells her she has a congenital birth defect that hasn’t actually been diagnosed in her hip. Thankfully, this can be corrected surgically.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw. (HBO Max)

Rose is now rock

Anthony has his first solo lunch After Stanford With a girl. Carrie describes the surgery and Charlotte has a schedule to plan who will take care of Carrie and when. At some point at lunch, Miranda wants to get champagne. Charlotte gives her a look and thinks alcohol is premature.

After a nasty moment with a school mom at Zoom, LTW tells Charlotte that Rose told everyone in the school to call them rock from now on. Charlotte is blind. She confronts Rock about their new name. Rock says he revealed a new name on TikTok. Rock admits that they no longer feel like Rose. “I feel like rock,” they say. Teachers and students are already adapted, and Charlotte and Harry need to catch up quickly.

Harry and Charlotte then hold a parent-teacher meeting on Rock. Teachers are very supportive of Locke’s decision and recommend treatment and counseling. Harry and Charlotte are having a hard time adapting to Rock’s identity.

Miranda receives an email with a book on how to stop drinking and automatically thinks Charlotte sent it to her. Miranda drops Carrie, who believes this was a passive way for Charlotte to talk to her. Miranda doesn’t think she needs to stop drinking.

Miranda and Choi have sex

At the hospital, Choi calls Carrie and Miranda picks up. Carrie is busy trying to use the bathroom after surgery. Miranda invites Choi first, but Carrie says no. Miranda eventually goes down to have lunch with Choi.Miranda is crushed difficult..

Carrie still zooms in on the podcast, even though she just had surgery. She is high as a painkiller kite and tells the story of Samantha pulling out her diaphragm. Charlotte, Choi and Jackie can’t stop the crackdown. After the podcast is over, Charlotte wonders if Samantha is okay with Carrie mentioning her name and story. Carrie doesn’t even think this podcast is on Samantha’s radar. “Maybe you have to let her know,” says Charlotte.

When Miranda is looking at Carrie, Choi stops at Carrie’s apartment. While Carrie is taking a nap, Choi and Miranda will take a shot and smoke a joint.Miranda very Feeling with Choi. They will be passionately crafted in the kitchen, much like Carrie awakens to have to pee. Things escalate so much between Choi and Miranda that you can’t hear Carrie’s call. Carrie pees with an empty snaple bottle while Choi and Miranda have sex in the kitchen. Carrie ends up spilling pee on the bed.

Sara Ramirez
Sara Ramirez and Cynthia Nixon as Choi and Miranda. (HBO Max)

“It was the best feeling I have ever experienced,” Miranda tells Choi. They understand again before Choi leaves. Choi tells Miranda to DM them if she wants to hang out right away.

Needless to say, Carrie is furious at what’s happening now. She doesn’t waste time confronting Miranda about what she just heard. Miranda explains that she and Choi were drinking. She tries to laugh at everything. “Maybe Charlotte was right. Maybe you have a drinking problem,” Carrie snaps.

Miranda says there is no problem with drinking. She was just “carried away”. Carrie applauds. “You are married and have just had sex in my kitchen,” Miranda then confesses. “I’m not happy. I’m unhappy, okay? I’m trapped. I hate marriage. I hate it. I hate this kind of life. I hate it,” she told Carrie. I talk.

“When?” Carrie asks. Miranda replies, “Forever?” Carrie doesn’t think it’s true, but Miranda says she feels it. Miranda feels that she is “not enough” to live like this life. Carrie believes Miranda needs to investigate her drinking problems. “No problem,” says Miranda. If she really thought she had a problem, she would have stopped immediately.

Carrie raises Miranda to have sex with Choi in the kitchen. “I don’t know if I want to stop it. I’ve never felt that way in my life,” Miranda confesses.

Carry Miss Samantha

Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones. (Everett Collection)

After Miranda left Carry text Samantha Tell her about the diaphragm story that appears in the podcast. “One of my best times,” Samanta sends a text to Carrie. “I hope it’s okay,” Carrie replies. Samantha says. I love your vagina getting broadcast time. When Carrie sends a text message to Samantha, “I miss you,” it’s when Samantha becomes radio silent.

Returning to Brooklyn, Miranda tries to teach herself how to make Negroni while listening to Choi’s podcast. She discovered that she was the one who bought the drinking book, not Charlotte. At that time, Miranda decided to pour out all the alcohol in the house.

Charlotte explains to Carrie, who is waiting for physiotherapy, the entire situation of rock at school. Harry thinks the school is overreacting, but Charlotte wonders if they are underreacting. Charlotte wants to do the right thing for Rock, and Carrie knows she does. Carrie met her physiotherapist Travis, and he doesn’t get hot. Carrie is even happy to pay for him from his pocket. She admits that her main goal is to return to her heels. Only three months later, Carrie achieved her goal.

Miranda and Choi Have Sex — Episode 5 Summary – Hollywood Life

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