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    Mila Kunis Hilariously Reignited That Whole Bathing-Her-Kids Debate

    America is now in desperate need of ridiculous debate, and Mila Kunis has stepped up to the plate again to give it to us. Thanks to a new interview, she lit a cheerful fire during the summer when she and Ashton Kutcher revealed how often their children bathed.

    For those who somehow missed it, the two are Interview with Dax Shepard Podcast Armchair expert In July, and casually revealed that they didn’t care about their family’s bathing routine.I’m not going to stir up the drama, Kunis Mentioned, “When I had [newborn] Kids, I didn’t wash every day … I was not the parent who bathed the newborn. Katcher added: “Well, this is the problem. If you see dirt, clean it. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.”

    Shepherd agrees, his wife Kristen Bell later weighed About the discussion scenery, “I love to wait for the stench … If you catch a whim, it’s a method of biology that tells you that you need to clean it. There’s a red flag … I hate what is not [Kunis and Kutcher] Is doing. Wait for the stench. “

    Then came the take. Jake Gyllenhaal joked It was a joke that no one knew.Jason Momoa and The Rock both declare that they are in the big shower pocket, and to correct the record (we guess), Kunis and Katcher I posted an Instagram video In August it showed that they laughed, and yes, their children were preparing for the bath.

    But the story doesn’t end until it’s over.Mila Kunis just continued Ellen Deal with minor brouhaha, clarify some things and make some jokes. “Children, there are bodies of water they touch almost every day,” she said. “Almost every day. Sometimes it’s a pool, sometimes it’s a sprinkler. It depends on the situation … It’s COVID. It’s like who takes a shower at COVID. We don’t leave home. . who cares?”

    She also revealed: “My daily intention is to bathe my children. I wake up every day and think,” I’m going to take a shower with my children today. ” Then bedtime happened and I forgot to feed them. The last part is obviously a joke, but admitting that the segment was off the rails by the end, she later declared, “I feed my kids, you guys!”

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