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    Mike Pence equates voting protection with an attack on the Capitol | US Voting Rights

    Mike Pence equated the Democratic Party’s efforts to pass voting protection with the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. Surprisingly misleading and inaccurate Both argued that they were “seize power” that threatened the US Constitution.

    As Vice President of Donald Trump, Pence refused to overturn the 2020 elections and denied pressure to deny a valid electoral college at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

    Such efforts corresponded to a coup d’etat, and Joe Biden, the legitimate winner of the presidential election, denied the Oval Office.

    Some mobs chanted “Hang Mike Pence” while roaming the parliamentary hall. Others built a gallows outside.

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    But at the Washington Post on Friday, Pence insisted on it. Democratic proposal Increasing voter access, such as requesting a drop box for voting forms by mail, relaxing the requirements for voter IDs, and allowing same-day registration and voter access, is similar to attempts to overturn constitutional proceedings with violence. It was unconstitutional.

    Another democratic proposal, which Pence said resembles the siege of the Capitol, is a proposal to restore an important part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, where the history of voting discrimination has changed. It had to be approved by the federal government before it came into effect.

    “Their plans to end the filibuster that allows the Democrats to pass a bill that nationalizes our elections were given to me a year ago by some of our most enthusiastic supporters of the state. It will offend the founder’s intention to hold elections as much as he did, “Pence wrote.

    “The idea that Congress breaks the rules of filibuster to pass a law equivalent to a large-scale takeover of elections by the federal government is inconsistent with the history of our country and an attack on the structure of our constitution. . “

    The characterization was inaccurate.US Constitution Give explicitly Parliament’s role in setting rules for federal elections.

    In Article 1, Paragraph 4, it is written as follows. However, Congress may at any time create or change such rules by law. “

    Pence also mistakenly wrote that the democracy proposal requires states to adopt “universal mail-in voting.” This is a term commonly used to describe the process of automatically mailing votes to registered voters in states such as Colorado and Washington.

    The law proposed by the Democratic Party requires the state to allow anyone who wants to vote by mail to request a vote, but does not impose the requirement that the state automatically send votes to all voters. ..

    The former Vice President had previously downplayed the parliamentary attack, saying it was too focused on “one day in January.” In a post column, he states: “Life was lost and many were injured.”

    7 people, law enforcement officers among them, Died In connection with the attack. More than 100 police officers were injured.

    More than 700 people have been prosecuted in connection with this attack.On Thursday, 11 members of the Oath Keepers militia Indicted for incendiary conspiracy..

    Democrats have been trying to limit voting by Democrats, a group of African-Americans who may vote prominently, since January 6, 2021, with election laws passed in Republican-run states. Is accused.

    Biden spoke strongly on the issue, stating that federal voting protection was needed to counter such racist movements. Republicans protested the president’s rhetoric.

    Republicans are also aiming to make it easier to overturn election results, and Trump allies are trying to fill the main election posts that control ballot counting in future elections.

    The Democratic Party’s proposed election rights bill will strengthen the protection of election authorities in the face of an unprecedented wave of harassment last year. They also prevent party actors from dismissing election officials for no reason and make it easier for voters to go to court to prevent valid votes from being rejected.

    In short, the Democratic Party aims to introduce legal standards to ensure that no other Vice President is in the position where Pence was on January 6, 2021.

    Biden has taken a strong impetus to support voting laws, but the outlook looks bleak.Kyrsten Cinema and Joe Manchin, Filibuster Defender, 60 Vote Rule Need to move forward Most Senate legislation said Thursday would not vote to amend the requirements.

    The Democratic Voting Rights Act cannot be passed so far, as the Republicans do not support the abolition of filibuster.

    Mike Pence equates voting protection with an attack on the Capitol | US Voting Rights

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