Michigan High School Shooting Suspect, 15 Years Old Appears in Court Hearing | Michigan


A 15-year-old boy was charged with murder and terrorism in a shooting that killed four students and injured other students. Michigan During a court hearing on Wednesday afternoon, a high school was seen in video detention.

He appeared when county officials revealed that his parents had been summoned to school hours before the attack. The county prosecutor talked about gun control after the pistols used for shooting at Oxford High School about 30 miles north were revealed. Detroit belonged to the suspect’s father.

Suspect Ethan Cranby, a sophomore in school, sees him sitting behind a table wearing a face mask against what looks like a coronavirus, glasses, and a detained protective vest. I was able to.

Meanwhile, his parents, James and Jennifer Cranby, wore baseball caps and blue casual tops and video from another location when they heard about a school attack from law enforcement witnesses in court. I was watching. Tuesday afternoon.

Lieutenant Tim Willis of the Sheriff’s Office in Auckland told the judge that he had recorded a video of the boy discussing the shooting and killing of students the night before the violence broke out.

Willis commented shortly before Crumble was charged with murder, attempted murder, death from terrorism and gun crime.

According to county sheriff Mike Bouchard at a previous press conference, he was charged as an adult and was expected to be transferred from child detention to county prison.

County prosecutor Karen McDonald said the shooting was planned, based in part on the “mountain of digital evidence” collected by police.

“This wasn’t just an impulsive act,” McDonald said.

Brouchard said adult Crumbleys was called to school on Tuesday “due to classroom behavior of concern.”

Their son remained in school and the shooting took place hours later.

Mr. Bushar also said investigators believed the gun was already in school.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s said shooting should be a call for awakening of new gun control in countries that have “became insensitive to school shooting.”

“We have to do better,” McDonald said. How many times? “

She said the allegations of terrorism were appropriate.

“What about all the kids running, screaming, hiding under their desks? … they are victims, their families and communities are victims,” ​​McDonald’s said.

She said her parents were being considered for prosecution.

“Ownering a gun means keeping the gun properly fixed, locked, and separated from the ammunition,” she said.

Authorities said surveillance videos showed that all victims were shot in school corridors.

Michigan High School Shooting Suspect, 15 Years Old Appears in Court Hearing | Michigan

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