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    Michelle Young deals with Nate, Chris S. Drama

    Her time shining. Michelle Young During the episode on Tuesday, November 9th, she struggled to feel that her suitor wasn’t making enough effort. single..

    Michelle started the week on a one-on-one date Martin..She was worried about him after sending Jamie House of the previous episode She knew that the two men were close friends.Martin, Michelle Other men questioned her personality..She she I needed a partner to trust her decision Martin said he was sick Suspected her..

    ABC / Craig Sjodin

    At dinner, Martin clarified his previous remarks, admitting that he was not good at expressing his feelings, but he was working on it. Michelle felt the same about himself and admitted that Martin had challenged himself to open more, so he received the rose.

    Michelle ran into another obstacle during a group date when the men focused more on sleeping party activities than she did.she Feeling invisible Because no one pulled her aside I paid a lot of attention to herIt was triggering because she felt she had grown up as well. Michelle told some men at the afterparty how much she was hurt by their actions. She wanted them to make small gestures and feel that her efforts were rewarding. OlIn particular, he became emotional as he saw his sister experience the same thing. Michelle finally gave Ol a group date.

    Rick Having landed her second one-on-one date, Michelle always made her feel special, so I was happy she chose him. They were connected when he was vulnerable to the broken marriage of his parents and the death of his father.Rick then Michelle he I fell in love with her, And she offered him a rose.

    During the cocktail party Chris S. I gave an instant speech about some of the men who thought the season was “in the bag”.Then he personally told Michelle: Nighte He said he knew it was time for a one-on-one date.Michelle told Nighte, “I was disappointed.” I don’t think he had any advantage.. She also informed the group that she still understood her feelings.

    Neite later confronted Chris, who said he had “investigated” him until Michelle picked out Naite. Chris claimed to only share “facts” with Michelle, and Nighte called him “Dweave.”

    Michelle sent home Will, Chris G. When Romeo At the rose ceremony, both Nighte and Chris S received the roses.

    single Broadcast on ABC Tuesday at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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    Michelle Young deals with Nate, Chris S. Drama

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