Metroid Dread’s creator on life among the Metroidvanias


Samus suit design and its evolution. The latest Metroid will land in a world where games like Metroid are everywhere.


New Metroid game for the first time in years (and new 2D Metroid for the first time in 19 years), Metroid dread This is the final chapter of a series of games dating back to the original Metroid in 1986.Now available with new ones OLED screen switchWe aim to become Nintendo’s big holiday title in a year, without the new Mario or Zelda games.

Producer Yoshio Sakamoto Guide the creativity of Metroid games From the beginning: Zoom from Japan interviewed Sakamoto about Metroid, how a new game was devised, and its future.

The following is an edited excerpt from the conversation.

Metroid games have moved between TV-connected play and handhelds for some time. Now with the switch it’s a little bit of both. Do you have a preference for how to play on Switch?
Sakamoto: I don’t really like TV and handhelds.

Metroid is a fairly large world and has a large sci-fi atmosphere, so I personally feel that playing on the big screen of a TV might be more exciting. Of course, the visual quality has been greatly improved and evolved. In that sense, Nintendo Switch hardware can be a very good match.

nintendo switch oled review 2nintendo switch oled review 2

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Nintendo Switch OLED, reviewed: It’s great, but is it…


You made many Metroid games for handheld systems. Did you find handheld a particularly good match for Metroid?
The original development department that I was in [with Metroid] He was very familiar with handheld games.But I wasn’t particularly focused on handhelds-I did my best to create the best Metroid possible for each [type of] hardware. The idea for this Metroid Dread began 15 years ago during the Nintendo DS era. I was wondering what kind of Metroid idea would work with the uniqueness of the Nintendo DS. Well, finally, the Metroid Dread is on the Nintendo Switch. Of course, there were some ideas that needed to be evolved and modified from the Nintendo DS era. But in the end, I feel that all the ideas have been tweaked and fully customized.


The look of Metroid Dread is mostly classic 2D, with a few exceptions.


As far as the impact of Metroid on the game is concerned, your idea coined the term Metroidvania. Switch games admit that they were inspired by what Metroid started. What do you think of those games? Think about how these designers are playing with your ideas? And does it inspire you?
There are many games released in this Metroidvania genre. Of course, I’m not familiar with all of them. But the fact that I’m one of the original members who created this genre, and there are so many game designers who digest it to customize their own style and create their own games … I’m very Thank you. It’s also very, very interesting. To be honest, I am glad that our activities at that time were inherited by many game developers and game designers and produced various games.

Spreadworking 1Spreadworking 1

Some of the design sketches from the Metroid Dread Art Book.


Has your perception of the meaning of Metroid changed? Has your relationship changed?
Did you have a very solid character or franchise image of Metroid and Samus? Also, did you actually present it the way you wanted in the original game? I’m not sure how to answer. However, I feel that the character Samus has grown over the years, and in all her adventures, she really gained a better understanding of what Samus is and her inner self. -What was she thinking about in each adventure? Metroid Dread concludes the interrelated fate between Metroid and Samus. This is a big theme of the story. Over the years, my understanding and vision of the Metroid franchise and Samus has deepened.

At E3 You commented Knowing that you want to continue the series and don’t want to end the series. Do you think the dreads are closed?
As long as the character Samus exists, I think her adventure will continue. I feel Samus should continue her adventure, and that’s what we really need to do our best. Metroid Dread concludes a five-story arc that has been around for 35 years. But I feel that is not the ultimate goal. There must be something that can continue the franchise and the universe. Yes, as long as your character Samus is loved, I want to do what I have to do.

If you make another game for another Nintendo franchise, which one?
What do you say? That is a very, very difficult question. I think it’s about when it will come, what it wants to make, what the team wants to make, and what Nintendo fans can enjoy. Unless you see that vision, it will be very difficult to realize the idea. And, of course, even if you have that idea, it would be very difficult to answer. Sorry for the very vague answer-a very difficult question to answer. The movie is also very interesting, but there is nothing concrete to answer here.

Speaking of recently Super Mario movie Announcement, Metroid movie will be interesting. I don’t know who will be cast as Samus.
It’s very interesting. Personally, I hope it will happen someday.

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