Meri Brown Taunts Kody: You’ll Never Be Happy, Dude! Not Ever!


Do you know the saying about how the best comes to those who are waiting?

Well, Meri Brown is here with an important variation.

She believes there’s nothing good so far for people sitting around and waiting to find out what’s going on Next, In contrast to assessing everything they already have.

Not as catchy as the original.

But in the case of Meri, that certainly seems appropriate.

The longtime Sister Wives Star will play a central role in Season 16 of this beloved reality show, returning in a new episode on Sunday, November 21st.

But now that she has played almost no role in her relationship with her spiritual husband, Kody Brown, she has tried to talk to us for quite some time.

And Kodi came out soon and said the same thing, for example, last season he I’m not interested in sleeping with Meri again..

Meri Brown in Nature: Photo

These days, Meri and Kodi seem to really hang out while filming Sister Wives.

Except for those times and dates, Meri takes care of her bed and breakfast in Utah and enjoys some nature walks in Arizona, but Kodi is his only legal spouse. Build a hut with a certain Robin.

Meri isn’t particularly bothered by this setting.

She often shares Instagram memes and messages to emphasize how happy she is … Proceeded with new love..

Cancun Meri Brown

What about Kodi?

The woman he divorced straight to make an oath with Robin now has a pretty clear point to go home.

“Happiness will never come to those who fail to evaluate what they already have,” she posted through the meme this week.

Did she quote Kodi by name? No. Is there any doubt that she casts a little shadow in his direction and mentions that she doesn’t understand all his relationships?

Meri Brown


Of course, there is no doubt.

Meri may be talking here as well, not just for herself.

As detailed earlier, Christine Brown lives in Utah This day. Indeed, she seems to have abandoned her miserable polygamy.

Meri Brown in a big hat

In addition, the official TLC overview for Season 16 means that Browns is preceded by a major romantic drama. To wit:

Kodi talks to each wife about Christine’s desire to move to Utah and receives a clear no from each.

When he tries to talk to Christine, she can’t even talk to him and sheds tears and goes out.

Disagreements about the COVID protocol create tension between Janel’s family and Cody and Robin.

Despite the fact that Meri isn’t in a romantic relationship with Kodi, she seems to be doing better and managing the drama well in her family.

As families prepare to start building their property, they are split at seams during their next vacation.

Both Janelle and Christine’s family refuse to comply with Kody’s COVID rules.

Will my family not come back with me on vacation? Amidst tensions, multiple wives are questioning the future.

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