Meghan Markle WINS Messy Legal Battle Against British Tabloid!


Chalk another victory for the Duchess of Sussex!

During much of her time in the international spotlight, Megan Markle has been enveloped in various legal entanglements.

And it wouldn’t be surprising to know that most of this discomfort is related to the British tabloids and the terrible family that raised her.

Obviously, we’re not talking about Megan’s wonderful mom, Doria Ragland, but about her nifty father and half-parents.

If you could be unaware of their happiness in their existence, both Thomas and Samantha Markle could make a career from publicly bashing Megan.

If media outlets are willing to pay for the trash story about the Duchess, then either Tom or Sam is sure to be in their hands first.

It’s hard to decide which of their shameless cash acquisitions is the most offensive, but one of the worst examples brought Megan back to court this week.

Megan Markle wearing a very large hat

Back in 2018, Thomas Markle sold a letter from Megan to the tabloid And gave them permission to publish it.

In response to this serious breach of her privacy, Megan Sunday email And I won.

Of course, the outlet has appealed the decision, which has led to another nasty round of legal controversy.

Megan Markle: Photo

The complaint led to a further infringement of Megan’s privacy. The text message was read in court In vain effort to prove that she knew that the letter would be published.

Thankfully, justice was eventually provided and the appeal was thrown out of court.

“These content was personal and private, not a matter of legitimate public interest,” the court said in a summary of Thursday’s ruling.

Megan Markle is 39 years old!

“Article Sunday email It hampered the reasonable expectations of the Duchess’ privacy. “

Following the ruling, email publisher ANL said in a statement that it was “extremely disappointed” and is considering appealing to the UK Supreme Court.

“Our strong point is that judgments should only be based on evidence tested in court, not even on the basis of a summary of the fiercely contested case, prior to the disclosure of the document. That’s the view, “read the statement.

Megan Markle in 2020

Megan has issued her own statement celebrating the victory and hoping it will draw attention to the rest of the British tabloid industry.

“This is a victory not only for me, but for those who are afraid to face the right thing,” said the Duchess.

“This victory is a precedent setting, but most importantly, we have enough courage to condition people to be cruel and to reshape the tabloid industry that benefits from the lies and pain they create. “

Black and white Megan Markle

Megan also extended the proceedings and published about “a very complex and simple proceeding to generate more headlines and sell more newspapers-a model that rewards confusion than truth.” Criticized the company.

“For almost three years since this began, I’ve been patient in the face of deception, intimidation, and calculated attacks,” she said.

“Today, the court ruled in my favor — again — solidify it. Sunday emailViolated the law owned by Sir Jonathan Rosamia. “

Duchess of Sussex

Megan and Harry have filed numerous proceedings Last year, most of them opposed the enthusiastic media.

Obviously, the Duchess and Duchess do not need money, but by winning such cases, they send a powerful message about their willingness to put up with.

And you’re sure that the nature of the couple’s proceedings is already in the decision-making process of quite a few editors and paparazzi!

Meghan Markle WINS Messy Legal Battle Against British Tabloid! Source link Meghan Markle WINS Messy Legal Battle Against British Tabloid!

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