Meghan Markle Was “Too American” To Fit In With Royals, Source Claims


When the world first learned that Megan Markle and Prince Harry were dating, there were immediate and widespread concerns about the possibility of a “cultural clash” between Megan and the royal family.

Megan is a color woman, an American, an actress, and an activist.

Needless to say, the experience that shaped her is very different from the experience that any royal family has encountered.

Optimists wanted the Queen and the company to come once they witnessed the depth and strength of the love between Megan and Harry.

Sadly, that turned out not to be the case, and the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess eventually resigned from their role as senior members of the royal family to begin a new, more liberated life in the United States.

Harry and Megan are said to be much happier in Southern California than in London, but much of the tension that defines time in the UK continues abroad.

For example, consider the following claim: Megan bullied the staff While living in Kensington Palace.

Megan Markle and Prince Harry Clap

Megan did not accept those accusations lying down and she publicly claimed I was able to prove that she had never abused anyone -Employees or others-During your stay in London.

One staff member claimed that Markle was “humiliated,” while another shared his experience with her, who felt “like emotional cruelty and manipulation.”

Megan officials are saddened by this latest attack on her personality, as the Duchess “is particularly committed to helping those who have been targeted for bullying and have experienced pain and trauma. I’m here. “

2018 Megan Markle and Prince Harry

The situation became very serious and The palace issued a rare statement Indicates that the claim has been thoroughly investigated.

“We are clearly very concerned about the Times’ allegations following the allegations made by the Duke of Sussex and the former Duchess officials,” the statement read.

But shortly thereafter, the proceedings against Megan began to collapse.

Duchess and Duchess

Staff withdrew allegations of bullying Under mysterious circumstances.

The one who leveled the allegations against the Duchess was later dismissed.

Bullying claims began to appear to have no merit, and palace officials allowed the claims to be published without first examining them.

Megan Markle and Prince Harry: Photo

In other words, it was yet another attempt to assassinate Megan’s personality.

A new book by Christopher Andersen Brothers and wives: William, Kate, Harry, Megan in his private life It sheds new light on the false allegations that Megan was unfriendly to her staff.

Megan now seems to have sinned simply by acting in what was considered “too American.”

Charles, Elizabeth, Megan

“Especially in the royal family, they are very indirect in the way things are done.” Andersen said insider this week.

“The distinctly candid and candid personality that Megan has to get things done, the distinctly American approach, rubs them the wrong way.”

According to Andersen, the tension between Megan and her staff was abused by the so-called “Gray Man” who performed much of the dirty work of the royal family.

Interview Photo with Megan Markle

“It was clear to Harry and Megan that the Gray men were spreading a lot of sneaky gossip to enhance the reputation of more important members of the family, primarily Cambridge,” he wrote in his book. I am writing.

In other words, the palace officials noticed that the transition to life as a royal family of Megan was not so smooth, so they decided to stand in front of the story, claiming that it was all due to Megan. did.

Hopefully she and Harry will remember this case whenever they start wondering if they made a mistake by leaving the UK.

Meghan Markle Was “Too American” To Fit In With Royals, Source Claims Source link Meghan Markle Was “Too American” To Fit In With Royals, Source Claims

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