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    Megan Thee Stallion’s Cash Appli Collection and Fashion Icon Impact – Hollywood Life

    Megan Thee Stallion has teamed up with Cash App for a new apparel collection, giving HL the exclusive icon of the supermodel that most influenced her intense fashion taste.

    If there is something close to matching Megan Thee StallionCharisma on stage, talent on the mic, and the energy she brings in each performance – it’s Her killer fashion sense..Since taking over the mainstream music world, Hot Girl Meg has become one of the biggest names to play in front of the crowd. When NS Kill the red carpet..Megan acknowledges the credit of a particular “North Star” for guiding her in this explosion. When Glow up. “”Naomi Campbell It’s one of my biggest fashion inspirations and all her looks are so sophisticated and sexy, “she says. HollywoodLife In an exclusive interview about new things “Hot Girl Enterprises” Cash By Cash Capp Apparel Collection.. “I’ve seen Naomi since I was a kid, but I always refer to her when I put together my outfits.”

    Naomi’s inspiration-smooth and sexy-is in a new collaboration with Meg’s Cash App. The collection includes reversible bucket hats, T-shirts and bike shorts. Elevated streetwear It helps to bring out everyone’s inner “hot girl”. Meg has been working on fashion collections before, but this Cash App collaboration introduces a new dimension to “savage” superstars. “I called this collection“ Hot Girl Enterprise ”because it captures my sexyness and sophistication,” she says. Hollywood life. “I’m always trying to be the best version of myself. That’s the message I want to send to all Hotties with this drop.”

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    “We knew we needed to make this a fun, hot and sexy line for all Hotties, but we also needed to make it bigger than fashion,” she adds. As such, all proceeds from this limited edition collection will be used to support charitable projects focused on education, housing, health and wellness, not only in Megan’s hometown of Houston, but around the world. The partnership has already seen Cash App and Megan offer $ 1 million in shares to help those who do not have such financial opportunities. Meg has also released an investment tutorial to help viewers with financial literacy. “I wanted to create a collection that would also help to inspire the troubled community in Houston in a special way,” she says.

    When it comes to education, Megan doesn’t just talk. She takes a walk. In fact, she will soon be attending a college graduation ceremony. On December 2, she tweeted the countdown – “9 days to graduate– Until you get a degree in health care from Texas Southern University.Megan is a Grammy award-winning musician topping Billboard Hot 100 To a song featuring Beyonce, She still made time to graduate from school. She also ensured that this new Cash App collection will help her hometown.

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    “Education, medical administration and philanthropy are always important to me,” says Megan. “And I always take care of my community in Houston. The city raised me and supported me before becoming Megan Thee Stallion, so I played my part and I We are responsible for giving back to those who do not have the resources we have. “

    “Hot Girl Enterprise is for all my Hotties, but this Cash App collection aims to send really intense and stylish messages,” she continues. “I’m proud to be a strong and bold individual, and I wanted those qualities to be reflected in everything from color to design.” With its unabashed personality Bold love In this collection, it’s specifically the “Hot Girl Enterprise” bucket hat. Accessories have been resurrected in recent years, and Megan saw this collaboration as an opportunity to offer his own hat spin. “The bucket hat was always flying to me,” she says. “But I really want to bring a sense of nostalgia to my look. Inspired by the 90’s, both in music and fashion.” Now all her Hotties look like they’re flying. , Can be inspired by her to be financially fierce.

    The “Hot Girl Enterprise” Cash by Cash App apparel collection is currently available for purchase at the following URL:

    Megan Thee Stallion’s Cash Appli Collection and Fashion Icon Impact – Hollywood Life

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