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    Mega Handroom Cluster in Manipur: Minister of Textiles of India

    Union Textile Minister Piyush Goyal has announced the installation of mega handroom clusters in his home village in Manipur, Olympic medalist Mirabai, and in the handicraft village in Moylan, Bischnupur. The Ministry of Textiles plans to establish a megacluster under the National Handloom Development Program (NHDP) at an estimated cost of 3 billion rupees.

    The Minister talked about the country’s potential in textile production and said that Manipur textile products are well known not only domestically but all over the world. “With this in mind, his ministry was working hard for the development of the sector to help make India a superpower.” Minister of Textiles Piyush Goyal He mentioned after the launch of the Thematic Exhibition of Crafts, which was jointly held by the Manipur Government Development Committee (Handicrafts) and the Ministry of Textiles.

    In interacting with representatives of various industries, trade and commercial organizations in the state, the union minister said India’s growth story would not be complete without Manipur’s growth story. The Center recognizes the major challenges of this remote area in industrial, trade and commercial growth.

    “Many efforts have been made to launch special infrastructure development projects to promote local industry, trade and commerce, such as northeastern industrial development schemes, sanctions on integrated development and promotion of industrial projects,” said the Union Minister. Said. He added that the spirit of cooperation and competition is essential to drive the growth of industry, trade and commerce in the region. He also urged industrial groups to embark on collaborative ventures and start-ups to promote industrial and commercial trade and share technologies and common platforms for optimizing the outcome of their efforts.

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    Mega Handroom Cluster in Manipur: Minister of Textiles of India

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