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    Mecca becomes an “unpredictable” enemy – Hollywood Life

    The world of “ghosts” is becoming more complex with the addition of Mecca. HL talked exclusively to Power Book II’s Daniel Sunjata, Woody McClain, and Berto Colon about what to expect in Season 2.

    Powerbook II: Ghost We will return to Season 2 on November 21st. Chaotic and dangerous world One of the STARZ series welcomes Mecca played by Daniel Sunjata, In the crease. From the look of the trailer, you may find that Mecca is a considerable enemy. HollywoodLife I received an exclusive scoop from Daniel about what his character would be like in Season 2.

    “Power Book II: Ghost” by Mary J. Blige and Daniel Sunjata. (STARZ)

    “It’s unpredictable and not always hostile,” Daniel said. HollywoodLife During the show’s press junket. “It depends on the agenda he’s trying to massage. He can be friendly. Obviously, it can be very violent. Mecca’s story definitely throws a wrench into the world. I think ghost And his choice is echoing to many other characters. “

    The wand works with Mecca, and Woody McLean Mecca admitted to becoming a kind of wand father. “I feel like Kane is seeing Mecca doing basically the same thing as Kane,” Woody said. “But he knows that Mecca has much more access, and I really don’t have Mecca in his life right now because his father is in prison that Kane I think I’m expecting to be a father, so it’s kind of like Mecca. He thinks Mecca seems to show a little respect for him, so that’s what Kane wants. I think it’s all about. He just wants respect, and he gets it from Mecca. “

    His father is still in jail, so Mecca can step into that role for a wand. “I think all of Lorenzo is the ability to continue to exert his power, power, agenda, and intentions without existence.” Belt colon Made fun. “The plot continues to grow a bit thicker, and this year we find it even more complicated by the relationship between his wife and children, and the world he encounters.”

    Powerbook II Ghost
    Michael Rainey Jr. and Woody McClain talk about “Power Book II Ghost”. (STARZ)

    The season 1 finale featured a phenomenal moment when Tariq killed Jabari in the park. Kane saw everything go down, so we asked Woody what Kane would do with that information.

    “I think you know that Kane feels like she’s up to Tariq,” Woody said. “Now he feels they are at the same level, so I think he enjoys it a lot. It’s a lot of fun.” Powerbook II: Ghost It will be broadcast on STARZ on Sunday.

    Mecca becomes an “unpredictable” enemy – Hollywood Life

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