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    McMurray Stern Tackles the Labor Shortage Crisis and Increasing Demand For Online Goods During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    For the past 40 years, Southern California’s McMurray Stern has remained an industry leader in the world of storage solutions. Quickly evolving to fit an ever-changing world, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, their leap into forefront robotics and automation of storage systems has given McMurray Stern the title of being one of the best.

    Though there has always been a market for companies like McMurray Stern; yet, a greater demand has arisen because of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic this past year, the need for certain items had decreased because consumers did not see a need for them. 

    Many people were forced to stay indoors at home, ordering more goods online from the likes of Amazon while not venturing out to retail stores unless it was an absolute necessity. As a result, physical stores had to reinvent themselves by venturing into the world of e-commerce in order to stay afloat, which led to an extreme shortage of commercial real estate across the US. 

    “We are driving our newer automation business to match the current explosive growth that the industry is currently experiencing,” said Pat Fitzpatrick

    That’s when McMurray Stern came in to help save the day of the looming real estate and crisis. Today, McMurray Stern’s current focus is on the shortage of commercial real estate adapting to space across the country. McMurray Stern’s automated storage and retrieval systems allow for a higher storage density, freeing up otherwise wasted floor space. McMurray Stern’s products are designed to help you store and retrieve items and materials with improved accuracy and speed.

    With warehouse workers still hesitant to return to the workplace, some companies simply cannot afford to wait for a change in mindset. The staffing shortage is accelerating investments in McMurray Stern’s robotic and automated storage and retrieval systems across manual warehousing and fulfillment centers, as organizations preparing for big seasonal spikes in orders, such as Christmas 2021, look for ways to automate the handling of their goods. 

    This urgent need for automation was something that McMurray Stern also looked to update for their own in-house operations. Due to a lack of labor, their shift to automation allowed McMurray Stern to create less room for error, along with more room to produce superior storage solutions for their customers. 

    “We listened to our clients and anticipated an evolution to automated storage solutions. Our capabilities and services expanded to get the companies we serve ready for the future,” adds a McMurray Stern representative. 

    It’s no question that McMurray Stern’s range of products supports some of the biggest names in the game, with trusted customers including Oakley, Kaiser Permanente, BBraun, and Amgen. In addition, they have helped a mass number of companies and have been able to improve their products, including custom shelving and turn-key workspaces, to meet everyone’s needs during the pandemic.

    All of these systems are supported by McMurray Stern President Kenny DeAngelis. As a diligent leader of the company, he is passionate about “creating a vision for the company and a strategic direction; thus setting up the company for future success…”.

    From their partnership with Schaefer, one of the largest automation companies, to their FANUC Robotics and HAI Robotics relationships, it’s clear that McMurray Stern will remain at the top of their field for future years to come.

    To learn more about McMurray Stern, visit

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