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    McConnell does not rule out blocking the choice of the Biden Supreme Court | US Politics

    At the end of the week, Mitch McConnell refused to rule out blocking Joe Biden’s picks, Republican Experts took up the Senate next year and said the court could have reached a “turning point” in public perception of the need for politicization and reform.

    of Interview with PoliticoThe Senate minority leader was asked if the Republican Party would hold the Senate and the Democratic Party would “block” if there were vacant seats holding the White House.

    McConnell is famous for refusing to hear Merrick Garland in 2016. Barack Obama was elected to replace the late conservative judge Antonin Scalia. It left the seat finally filled by the first three conservatives, Neil Gorsuch, under Donald Trump.

    “Once I get there, I’ll cross those bridges. We’re focusing on 22,” McConnell told Politico, referring to the midterm elections in a variation of the theme. He has already infuriated liberalsHe said it was “very unlikely” to have Biden confirm justice in 2024, the year of the next presidential election.

    “If I’m in a majority position, I don’t rule out anything about how to handle the nomination,” McConnell said.

    Senator Kentucky was in the majority position in September 2020 when the liberal lion, Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, died within two months of the presidential election.

    In the case of Garland, ignoring his claim that justice should not be introduced in the election year, McConnell oversaw Amy Coney Barrett’s quick confirmation with 52-48 votes.

    It divided the court into 6-3 in favor of conservatives. Since then, the official approval of the court has declined. Voting showEspecially after a case like Texas this month when the court refused to block Prohibition of abortion in early pregnancy Provisions that allow civilians to benefit economically by suing interested parties.

    The majority consisted of three Judges Trump and two other conservatives, opposed by three liberals and Judge John Roberts appointed by Republican George W. Bush.

    Major decisions regarding immigration and eviction of peasants are also on a conservative path. Abortion, guns and religious rights are all in the docket. For many, the courts face the most serious threat to their legitimacy as the 2000 presidential election settled in Bush’s favor.

    Irv Gornstein, secretary-general of the Georgetown University Supreme Court Institute, told The Associated Press:

    “Within a few periods, we find that we will wipe out the right decision against the left dissenting on all of the most politically divided issues of our time, such as voting, guns, abortion, religion, and affirmative action. If so, the court’s perception will change permanently. “

    Attorney Paul Smith, who argued in court in support of issues such as LGBTQ + and voting rights, said AP people were increasingly upset that “the court gives way to American rights on many issues.” He said he was.

    However Reform proposalPerhaps it is definitely controversial by adding judges to a panel that is not constitutionally bound by the top nine. Some experts who oppose structural reforms argue that the court’s views have previously declined and rebelled.

    “The ongoing campaign to outlaw the court … has gained some traction on the left,” Roman Martinez, a lawyer who regularly insists in court, told AP.

    Court claims Tom Goldstein, founder of the Scottusblog website, said the court “built a huge font of public respect, no matter what it did.”

    But the judge is clearly at least aware of the issue of public perception. 3 – with Barrett From right Clarence ThomasFrom left, Stephen Breyer – recently insisted not to govern according to political beliefs.

    Breyer, the oldest member of the court, has been the subject of calls for retirement so that Biden can confirm the change while the Democrats hold the Senate. Breyer said he wasn’t going to die in court like Gimberg, but refused to be drawn in when he could resign.

    Meanwhile, in Louisville, Kentucky, Barrett recently spoke to the audience: “My goal today is to convince you that this court is not made up of a bunch of partisan hacks.”

    She was speaking next to McConnell at a center named after his honor.

    McConnell does not rule out blocking the choice of the Biden Supreme Court | US Politics

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