Mayor Wu, city officials announce programs for a safe summer – Boston, Massachusetts


Boston, Massachusetts 2022-05-25 17:49:54 –


“Too many people in our community live with the fear and threat of violence.”

Mayor Michelle Wu. Baritchin / Globe Staff

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu announced a number of initiatives on Wednesday to keep residents safe this summer.

The program includes the Community Ambassador Program, “Adopt a Block”, Operation Homefront, and new vocational training and employment opportunities.

“Too many people in our community live with the fear and threat of violence,” Wu said in a press release. “As a mother of two boys, as a neighbor, and as a friend, family, and neighbor in Boston, I act urgently to ensure the safety of the community. We are healthy, Through the lens of fairness and community trust, we have rethought public security. We have a wraparound approach to create new intervention and prevention initiatives for violence and to extend and improve existing programs. Is adopted. “

According to a press release, the new community ambassador program will work to help people who are vulnerable to gun and gang violence. Residents from different regions work in teams of two to “help the historically inadequate and resource-deficient areas and regions throughout Boston, making the most vulnerable population a necessary and valuable resource. We will be able to connect, “says the release.

“This community ambassador program is an extension of the mayor’s vision to ensure that the city hall is brought outside the building to the neighborhood and the community,” Dr. Rufusfolk, Senior Public Safety Advisor, said at a press conference. .. “And our ambassadors are individuals who already have those relationships. We leverage the support of their communities and social networks to direct resources from the city hall to the neighborhoods and individuals who need it most. I’m helping to deliver it. “

The operation home front is back. The program, in collaboration with the Boston Police Department, “focuses on community building and family relationships in the prevention and intervention of violence,” the release said.

According to the release, the program consists of police officers, Boston school staff, service providers, and members of the clergy. They visit parents and caretakers to talk about their children’s behavior and provide resources.

“We need to connect families to resources, provide wraparound support, feel support for students, feel support for families, and know how to get help. I believe we can build one, “said Brenda Casselius, principal of Boston, at a press conference.

The city is also reworking on an adoption program that works to help neighbors who have experienced more violence during the summer.

“Recognizing the important role that faith-based organizations play in providing critical programs and services to particularly poorly serviced black and brown communities, the” Adopt Blocks “initiative is the safety and health of the population. We support the efforts of religious institutions that connect and support. “The release said. “In addition, religious groups have partnered with the city to host summer community events, food distribution events, homelessness prevention services, and neighborhood cleanups. This initiative will be piloted in Roxbury, Dochester, and Mattapan. . “

The city also offers young people work opportunities during the summer.

Called the Green Job Initiative, according to the press release, this initiative helps unemployed or underemployed young people find employment to help with “imminent environmental problems.”

“Members go through a customized training phase that provides sector-specific on-the-job training,” said the release. “They can also obtain relevant qualifications in selected areas. The“ earn and learn ”model ensures that members are set to succeed in their career paths. The Green Job Initiative will be supported by the mayor’s historic $ 1 million investment in Green Job in the 2022 budget. “

Boston Center for Youth & Families also hosts a variety of summer activities and programs for kids and adolescents, including work, sports and girls-only programs for teens.

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