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    Mark Zuckerberg mentor ‘not surprised’ by allegations company incentivized hatred, polarization – Fresno, California

    Fresno, California 2021-10-05 09:45:44 –

    San Francisco (KGO)-Internal documentation Facebook Whistleblowers have revealed that the company has identified that algorithmic changes are fostering hatred and polarization among users. Technology giants are now faced with accusations that they haven’t taken steps to curb negative content about concerns that could hurt advertising revenue.

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    Roger McNamee, a Silicon Valley investor and mentor at Mark Zuckerberg, said:

    McNamie wrote the New York Times bestseller Zucked, It warned that the company could have a devastating impact on our democracy. He says he saw early signs of company malfunction.

    “The first cues began to appear towards the end of the three years I advised him,” McNamie said. “I wanted to see it sooner, but when I saw it in early 2016, I contacted Mark in October 2016 before the presidential election to warn him that Facebook’s culture and business model was bad. Those who hurt innocent people. “

    Josh Constine is a leading investor in venture capital fund SignalFire and previously an editor of TechCrunch, covering Facebook for 10 years. He says the leaked document reaffirmed that what experts were already afraid of was happening.

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    “I don’t think this is a surprise,” Constin said. “This survey finally proves that many of us are already thinking … Facebook is giving VIPS and celebrities special treatment rather than actually moderating posts. It shows internationally that it actually incorporates content that violates the rules into the rules.

    Constine explained that Facebook’s 2018 algorithm changes encouraged unpleasant content to encourage political parties and the press to post “anger.” The leaked slide, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, showed that Facebook identified that some parties had shifted to making 80% of posts negative. However, whistleblowers’ allegations have revealed that executives refused to change it for fear of losing revenue.

    “Facebook has invested heavily in hiring moderators to ensure that content on the platform is safe, but still only 1 to 5 percent of hatred and violence on the platform is inevitable. It says it will be removed, “Constine said.

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    Levent Ertaul is the Dean of Computer Science at California State University, East Bay Campus and has been studying the Facebook platform for over a decade. He says the company has made many bad decisions that have contributed to these claims-including maintaining video footage of the New Zealand mosque shooting six months after the tragedy.

    “They couldn’t even identify a live stream of killings on their platform for about half an hour,” he said. “We knew they weren’t doing enough.”

    According to experts, the company needs to have the necessary part of its budget devoted to moderating the platform to ensure safety.

    “You may need to promise a certain level of profit that you’re willing to spend to protect your services,” Konstin said. “The World Government may need to say,’You can’t work here without spending this amount.’”

    ABC7 asked Facebook for comment, but the company hasn’t responded yet.

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