Mark Meadows was in the center of the storm on January 6th.But only Trump was able to stop it | Mark Meadows


Eight days before the worst-case attack on the US Capitol on the morning of December 29, with hundreds of Trump supporters and far-right militants. Domestic attack Perhaps the White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows sent an email to the head of the Justice Department about American democracy since the civil war.

It was a strange message that Donald Trump’s right arm sent to Jeffrey Rosen, Deputy Attorney General. The content was all written in Italian. It attaches a letter to Trump from Italian Carlo Golia, who said he had reversed a conspiracy theory that was doing a round known as the “Italian Gate” after he worked for a US aerospace company. did.

Three days later, Meadows sent Rosen another email with a link to a 13-minute YouTube video titled “Blood Johnson: Rome, Satellites, Services, Updates.” In the video, former CIA Director Johnson gave details of the Italian Gate. He explained that this is a secret trick to overturn the US presidential election and prevent Trump from winning his second term.

Johnson explained that Italian defense contractor Leonardo was working with the CIA to carry out a sneaky plan. Together, they hacked into Italian military satellites, fired them at US voting machines in the battlefield states, and switched votes remotely from Trump to Joe Biden.

Rosen politely replied to Meadows that he had received the video and sent a copy to Deputy Richard Donohue. Later that day, Donohue told his boss what he thought of Johnson’s video.

“Pure madness,” he said.

Meadows Italygate Email, Report on page 51 What was released this week by a House election committee investigation into the capital riots is some of the more memorable elements of his vast campaign to advance Trump’s big lie that the presidential election was fraudulent. Is it?

It’s not every day that the chief aide of the most powerful person on the planet attacks the highest law enforcement officer in the country with a strange story of a military satellite that switches votes, written in Italian.

But that’s just the beginning.

As a selection committee Get off much deeper In the muddy sea of ​​Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 elections, Meadows is rapidly emerging as a character of greatest interest.

When Trump advised supporters to scoop Biden’s proof of victory between the November 3 election day and January 6th. 5 people died And with more than 140 law enforcement officers injured, Meadows was a whirlwind of activity.

Not only was he desperately busy spreading the Italian Gate and other conspiracy theories, but he also tried to influence the actions of the Justice Department with a serious breach of the White House rules prohibiting such interference. He was also on his side when the riots at the US Capitol began at a rally on January 6, prior to the violence.

In short, Meadows The Washington Post As the phrase, “Chief Enabler to the President desperate to stay in power.”

That role has now landed Meadows on many legal issues. A solid Republican from North Carolina, one of Trump’s cheerleaders in Congress, first opposed the summons before being airlifted to the White House as the last Chief of Staff, and then on the election committee. It was summoned. He changed his mind After Steve Bannon, a former White House adviser to Trump, was charged with a similar lack of cooperation.

About a week ago, he made a U-turn and eventually announced that he would no longer play the ball with Congressional investigators.Several Report His second change of mind suggests that he was motivated by Trump’s ferocious reaction. What he read in Guardian..

The Guardian reveals that Meadows revealed in his new book, Chiefs Chief, that Trump was positive against Covid in his first presidential debate before going on stage with Biden last September. I made it. The inconvenient truth was previously kept secret and there was a conflict with the official line at the time.

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives resolved to insult Congress after Meadows did not appear in the testimony, calling on the Justice Department to prosecute the decision.He is facing Highest sentence, highest judgment You will be sentenced to one year’s imprisonment and a fine of up to $ 100,000 for all counts he may be prosecuted.

Meadows’ new non-cooperation will make the selection committee’s job difficult, but he has already presented them with a treasure trove of documents that have supercharged their investigations. It contains more than 9,000 pages of records, including 2,000 pages of text messages.

Those texts are beginning to reveal a golden chunk of information that reveals members of Trump’s inner circle, as they were closely involved in pressing the election to be overturned.

One text from a still-anonymous lawmaker sent to Meadows on January 4 stating that Biden would defend the winning states of Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania and send an alternative slate of Trump electorate to Congress. And get it. “To the US Supreme Court for a ruling.

Jim Jordan, a former wrestler who became an Ohio parliamentarian, was a close ally of Meadows at the right-wing HouseFreedom Caucus they co-founded. I sent the text The day before the riot, to his friends outlining a plan where Vice President Mike Pence could overtly ignore his constitutional obligations and simply refuse to prove Biden’s victory.

38-page PowerPoint laid out in detail Blueprint for Trump Coup It was also sent to Meadows He denies Acted on the basis of the documentation.

Regarding the riots themselves, the Election Commission said Meadows had contacted at least some of the key organizers of the “Stop Stealing” rally on the morning of January 6. Trump was called To his supporters to “fight like hell”. Members of the committee wanted to know why the Chief of Staff chose to use his personal mobile phone and the encrypted mobile app Signal to hold these conversations.

When the violence broke out, Meadows continued to function as a communication hub alongside the president. A text message sent to him by Donald Trump Jr. gives a glimpse into the dynamics of the Trump family. This is a continuous subplot of the Roy family.

With hundreds of Trump supporters breaking into the Capitol building and attacking police officers, Don Jr. desperately wanted to send a message to his father. But, as expected, he didn’t call his dad.

Instead, he sent a text message to Meadows. “I need an oval address,” exclaimed the president’s son. “He has to lead now. He’s gone too far and out of control.”

A similar urgent mission was fired in Meadows by several Fox News stars. Laura Ingraham, the super-right-wing host of Ingraham Angle, told him: This is hurting us all. He is destroying his legacy. “

Sean Hannity added his own plaintiff’s appeal. Ask people to leave the Capitol. “

Massive texts from Trump family members, Fox News hosts, and Republican leaders to The Meadows highlight important aspects of Trump’s compatriots in the hours before, during, and after the riots. Fox News hosts use words (“a little mark”, “all of us”) to suggest that they’re abandoning the pretense of journalistic integrity and seeing themselves as one of their inner teams. Did.

They were also boldly hypocritical. Immediately after sending Meadows her text about Trump “destroying his legacy” Ingraham was broadcast Then, at the Capitol, he talked about “scattered throughout the crowd” and “antifa sympathizers.”

The most important lesson to jump out of the Meadows document is that behind the scenes, in their private communications, Trump’s inner circle had no doubt about the nature and importance of the Capitol rebellion. It was an eruption of violence that was stimulated and instigated by only one man, Donald Trump, who was the only one who could stop it.

Meadows himself probably has some valuable insights in that regard. But at least for now, he doesn’t seem to want to share them.

Mark Meadows was in the center of the storm on January 6th.But only Trump was able to stop it | Mark Meadows

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