Many are disillusioned with American democracy. Can Joe Biden beat them? | Francine Prose


TThis is especially refreshing to hear someone tell the truth now that many seem to believe that the difference between facts and falsehoods is a matter of political party or personal opinion.Watching Kamala Harris and Joe Biden speak at the Capitol Rotanda on the anniversary of the riots on January 6, I heard the president directly condemn the brutal riots. Donald Trump And his supporters – I felt like I was exhaling after holding my breath too much. Yes, it is a lie that the 2020 elections were stolen. Yes, it’s a lie that the riots swarming in the Capitol building were real American patriots. These are facts that cannot be fully emphasized and need to be said and repeated by powerful and widely respected people.

For the past few days, I’ve seen inspiring interviews with police officers in the Capitol who survived the riots. Especially influential was the PBS conversation with Sandra Garza, whose partner Brian Sicknick protected the Capitol from attackers and died the day after the stroke. In Garza’s view, Donald Trump “needs to be in jail.” When registering my own jarring adrenaline response, even the shortest film clip of a crowd of blood-seeking, I imagine that those who survived it, and their loved ones, continue to suffer. I know I can’t get started.

So it was a relief to hear Biden emphasize the seriousness and danger of political violence and the urgent need to uphold and uphold the Constitution. It seemed very important to hear him say that January 6th needs to be remembered. Forgetting the past and moving forward (as many Republican senators urge us to do so) is probably a second-and perhaps more devastating-attack on our government. May pave the way for.

Still, like many audiences, I imagine, I can’t help but wonder how many people were convinced and how many changed their minds because of the rationality, maturity, and clarity of the president’s speech. did not. Not only that. As we continue to hear, Americans now live in two completely different realities. One is that the Covid vaccine stops the disease and the other is that the vaccination causes infertility and ALS. Among the obstacles that prevent us from changing our minds and minds are that our problems as a nation are older, deeper and more serious than Donald Trump’s grandiose delusions.

So I was happy to hear that Biden was directly responsible for Trump’s growing desire for blood in his base, watching the mayhem on TV and not trying to stop it, but in 2016. I kept remembering what people said shortly after the election: the malicious genie that Trump unleashed from the bottle is unlikely to return. Five years after what seems more true than ever: I feel that Trump will be able to retire completely from public life tomorrow and support for him and his ideas will remain unabated. In November, six Capitol riots were elected, with an additional 20 running for the next election.

What Biden wanted to admit was the fact that a raging and destructive genie lived in the jar long before the “defeated former president” played the cork. I promised that Biden would follow up on the satisfying accusations of Trump and his supporters and seek out and eradicate the sources of alienation, resentment and anger that divide our country so deeply. It was.

Why-apart from the allegations of stolen election lies-did the mob armed and armed and traveled all the way to Washington? Many Trump supporters have realized that it may not be completely anti-democratic enough to sharply (or unknowingly) recognize the imperfections of our democracy, the edge of the oligarchy. I did. Biden may have reminded us that each of our votes is equally important. But one thing I may have in common with the thugs who broke into the Capitol is the tragic perception that my voice isn’t as audible in Washington as the CEOs of Pfizer, Delta, and Target. ..

During the Great Depression, Eleanor Roosevelt toured the country and figured out how to ask embarrassed Americans about their difficulties and needs. When there is consensus that our wounds can be healed remotely by deceiving lawmakers who resist passing legislation with potential benefits that have so far missed the understanding of many Americans. It seems that it’s rarely happening now.

Of all the horrific events that took place on January 6, one of the most disturbing things to me was Trump’s farewell speech to the mob when he finally advised him to go home. “You are very special,” he said. “we love you.”

Like other cults of personality, Trump’s ardent support is more like a (certainly one-sided) mental problem than a rational political choice. And in my experience, few lovers have fallen in love after being informed that their loved one is a liar in egomania.

Of course, the best-known cure for love is to find someone else, but in the long run, understand why a person is involved in a deceptive and disproportionate relationship and have a brighter future. Finding a way to design and live. .. In Biden’s speech, I wanted to hear a compelling vision of a more fulfilling, less painful life that we await only when toxic romance with violence and hatred splatters.

Many are disillusioned with American democracy. Can Joe Biden beat them? | Francine Prose

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