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    Magnetic stimulation of the brain can improve episodic memory

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    Memories of past events and experiences define us as us, but the ability to form these episodic memories diminishes with age, certain dementia, and brain damage.However, studies published in open access journals PLOS Biology On September 28, Miracea van der Plas and Simon Hanslmayr of the University of Glasgow found that irradiating the left prefrontal cortex of the brain with low-frequency repeated transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) can improve memory by reducing low output. is showing. Frequency brain waves when memory is formed.

    Based on current knowledge of the effects of the brain and rTMS, researchers hypothesized that they could improve. Episodic memory, And in the process, generate targets for future memory-related therapies.

    The researchers first analyzed historical data from 40 college students who were asked to memorize a list of words. Half of the students received slow rTMS in the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex while trying to memorize words, and the other half received rTMS in the control area of ​​the brain.In the new experiment, researchers collected data from 24 University student A person who each performed a similar memory task under both rTMS conditions.

    Analysis of both datasets revealed that words memorized while the left prefrontal cortex was stimulated had better memory. Examining the EEG data recorded during the experiment, researchers found that slow rTMS applied to the prefrontal cortex led to a decrease in the power of low-frequency (beta) waves in the parietal region of the brain. Attention and perception.

    Because slow rTMS inhibits Brain activity, And the prefrontal cortex inhibits the posterior region of the brain, and van der Plas and co-authors found that slow rTMS did not suppress activity in the parietal region, thus enhancing the encoding of remembered words and improving memory. Theorize.

    van der Plas states: “Our electrophysiological results suggest that frontal stimuli affect a wider network and improve memory formation by inhibiting the wall-side region. Nervous base.. “

    Hanslmayr said, “I was very surprised when I saw these effects in the first study designed to investigate another question, so to see if this is true, the second. It was necessary to reproduce the effect in the experiment. ”

    Personalization of therapeutic brain stimulation

    For more information:
    van der Plas M, Braun V, Stauch BJ, Hanslmayr S (2021) Stimulation of the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex by slow rTMS enhances language memory formation. PLoS Biol 19 (9): e3001363.

    Quote: Magnetic stimulation of the brain is episodic memory acquired on September 28, 2021 from https: // (September 28, 2021) ) Can be improved

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