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    ‘Magic mushrooms,’ an anti-depressive psychedelic, affects perception of music

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    Scientists have discovered that the psychedelic drug psilocybin, which is being developed as an antidepressant, changes the emotional state of people listening to music. Psilocybin is a psychedelic active ingredient in magic mushrooms. Psilocybin clinical trials typically use selected music playlists to support a drug-induced psychedelic experience. This work indicates that enhanced emotional processing may be a positive result of the combination of psilocybin and music, suggesting that music is an active component of psychedelic therapy. This work was presented at the ECNP conference in Lisbon.

    There is considerable interest in the use of psychedelics in the treatment of difficult-to-treat depression and other mental health conditions. Naturally found in some types of mushrooms, psychedelics are the most suitable psychedelics for clinical development. This is because the psychedelic “trip” can be contained within one business day. This is important for supervised clinical treatment. In the treatment of depression, psilocybin is usually given with psychological support and music. Previous studies have shown that psychedelic LSDs interact with music, and in the 1960s psychedelics were closely associated with the musical experience for many. Now, for the first time, a group of Danish scientists have shown that psilocybin influences the way music elicits emotions.

    In this study, 20 healthy participants (50% of women) were found to be theirs. Emotional reaction In the music before and after given psilocybin; 14 of these participants were also tested after receiving ketanserin (ketanserin is an antihypertensive drug and psychedelic experiment). The first dose of ketanserin or psilocybin was randomly selected, allowing each individual to report on the changes caused by both psilocybin and ketanserin. At the peak of drug effects, participants listened to a short music program and evaluated their emotional response.

    Emotional responses to music were assessed according to Geneva’s emotional musical scale. The music used was a short program consisting of Elgar’s Enigma Variations Nos. 8 and 9 and Mozart’s Lauda Tedminum, which lasted about 10 minutes in total.

    Associate Professor Dea Siggaard Stenbæk, Senior Researcher at the University of Copenhagen, said: This reaction was even greater compared to ketanserin. In fact, ketanserin has been found to weaken the emotional response to music. This shows that the combination of psilocybin and music has a strong emotional effect, which is under development as a treatment for depression, and this study makes music part of the therapeutic treatment. It suggests that we need to find out.The next step is to investigate the effect of music on the brain while under the influence of Psilocybin Data data already collected using MRI.

    “Interestingly, some of the music we used — Elgar’s famous” Nimrod “variation (9th variation) represents his best friend Augustus Jaeger. Jaeger encouraged Elgar to write a variation as a way out of depression, so it’s nice to see it used again to help us understand more about mental health. “

    Professor David J. Nat of Imperial College London in London said: music Treatment trajectory. “

    Professor Nat was not involved in this work.

    There is evidence that magic mushrooms have been ingested by humans for over 6,000 years. Psilocybin was first isolated and synthesized in 1958 by the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann. Albert Hofmann is the same person who first synthesized LSD. There was early and extensive research on the medical use of psychedelics, but this became difficult after the United States banned the use of psychedelics in 1970. For background.

    Psychedelics spur the growth of nerve connections lost in depression

    For more information:
    M. Kaelen et al, LSD enhances emotional response to music, Psychopharmacology (2015). DOI: 10.1007 / s00213-015-4014-y

    34NS The ECNP Annual Conference will be held online in Lisbon from October 2nd to 5th. ..

    Quote: “Magic Mushroom”, antidepressant psychedelic, https: // Acquired Music Perception on October 5, 2021 Affects (October 5, 2021) -affects.html

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