Mady Gosselin: Hey, Racists, I’m Proud to Be Asian!


As has been revealed over the years, John and Kate Gosselin can’t stop claiming excessive trivial nonsense, even after their old divorce.

But Maddy Gosselin?

As the oldest child of a former couple, she does not actually publish any kind of remarks unless it is important.

And to commemorate last week’s Korean American Day, Maddy decided that her personal experience was worth sharing.

On Thursday, the 21-year-old posted a photo of her young laughing self before she got her first American Girl doll, revealing why the image causes her “discomfort.”

“She came from a’look-alike’line, so I named her Jordan,” Maddy explained on Instagram for the item.

“She didn’t look like me. At my choice, she had blonde hair and blue eyes.

“I didn’t have a doll that looked like me at the time, but more importantly, when I was five, I chose a doll that reflected what I looked like, not what I looked like.”

Maddy Gosselin, Doll

Continued the former TLC personality starring that day with John and Kate Plus 8:

“Looking back, this story fills me with terrible discomfort and embarrassment.

“Growing up at 50/50 (whites and Koreans), I was very conscious of my ethnicity from an early age, but the transition from consciousness to shame was a slow process, and I’ve always been. I didn’t notice until I got older. “

Maddy is a college student I haven’t talked to her famous dad for 8 years..

University Maddy Gosselin

As Maddy continued, we admire her candidness in this important area:

“So I would like to inform you that I am very proud to celebrate being a Korean American today.

“I’m proud to be part of a community that has suffered decades of ridicule and hatred in this country (only worsened in the last two years), but I’m powerful and graceful overcoming it. I’ve been.

“I’m also proud to have made Kick Ass Kimchi !!”

Madigo Serin Close-up

Maddy and her twin sister, Kara, have largely avoided recent dramas between their parents because they are absent from school.

However, of the 17-year-old six-child brothers, Hannah and Colin live with John and do not talk to Kate.

Conversely, Lear, Joel, Alexis, and Arden live with Kate and don’t talk to John.

Talking to People Magazine in July 2019, Kate Gosselin opened about sending her eldest daughter to two different universities in New York.

Madigosselin Online

“This is the biggest emotional and stressful mixed bag I’ve ever faced,” Kate said of her daughter, who was six when John & Kate Plus 8 began.

Gosselin was added at that time:

“Muddy and Kara really piloted the ship in terms of college application. I trusted them because they knew what they wanted.

“When they leave for themselves, protect themselves, and think of being alone for the first time, the same feelings will now have to overcome my fears.”

Mady Gosselin: Hey, Racists, I’m Proud to Be Asian! Source link Mady Gosselin: Hey, Racists, I’m Proud to Be Asian!

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