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Madhavi Latha completes shooting “Lady”

It is well known that the name of the famous heroine Madhavi Latha has been well noticed in recent times. After a long gap, GSSP Kalyan has completed the upcoming real life thrilling emotional drama “Lady” Shooting Program in a solo performance following the mono play method. This mono play experimental movie was produced by Charans Creations, GSSPK Studio, Satya Narayana GSSP Kalyan is jointly constructing.

Producer-director GSSP Kalyan says .. We are screening this movie with only one character.
The film manages to entertain as well as inform. In each episode, the viewer sees himself. Let’s get emotional. Acceptance of this role by Madhavi Latha has raised expectations on the film. It is good to be seen in a movie after a long gap. The man who opened his eyes to this world without any hope, the emotions that are entwined around him, the loves, the hatreds, the dramas, the hidden tendencies of the mind without letting them appear in the eyes, are the only ones who know life as soon as they close their eyes. I prepared this story from real events. That’s it. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. I am proud to be the director of such a good film. The shooting of this film is over. I am preparing to release the music soon and the movie in 2021.
Madhavi Latha starring movie Lady poster

Starting off her showbiz journey with a supporting role, Madhavi Latha roused to fame by playing the leading lady in Ravi Babu’s 2008 directorial “Nachavule.” While her subsequent films failed to work at the ticket counters, the Karnataka-born actress took a break and pursued her Masters in Fashion Designing in the United Kingdom. After staging an unsuccessful comeback to the silver screen with a couple of duds, the 32-year-old diva ventured into politics in 2019 and contested in the AP General Election from Guntur West on a BJP ticket. Despite ending up on the losing side, she has been keeping herself busy with party activities.

Madhavi Latha starring movie Lady posterPin

After four long years, Madhavi Latha is making her comeback to the Telugu screen with the upcoming film ‘Lady’ and according to her latest tweet on social media, the second schedule has been wrapped up. Promoted as a monodrama, the film will showcase the real-life struggle of an actress in the duration of 1 hour and 50 minutes. While the music track of ‘Lady’ is expected to be unveiled soon, the film features only one character.
In September 2020, Madhavi Latha made the headlines by stating that there is no party in Tollywood without the usage of drugs. The outspoken actress urged the state officials to bust the drug-operations in the industry and reveal the actors who are addicted to drugs.

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