Machine Gun Kelly Stabbed Himself Trying to Impress Megan Fox


Machine Gun Kelly is willing to bleed for love.

Rapper (named Corson Baker) has recently appeared Tonight’s show starring Jimmy Fallon Wearing a shirt decorated with a girlfriend Megan Fox face. Baker and Fox met while filming a movie in early 2020, Hot and heavy Since May of that same year. In October 2021, Baker GQ style That pair “go to hell“To each other.” It’s certainly ecstasy and pain, “he said at the time. Well, now we have an example of what he meant.

Baker told Fallon during his appearance that his “Twin frameAt the beginning of their relationship.Of course, the knife was a gift from Travis Barker, With his fiancé, seen regularly on double dates with pairs Kourtney Kardashian..

“Travis got me this knife. [engraving] From the new album on it, I was like “Check this out, this is sick”, and I threw it and it came and got caught in my hand, “Baker said. Showed off the wounds he still had. Unfortunately, he was too busy looking at Fox to catch the knife before it was buried in his hand. “The next morning, as soon as she left, I thought,’Oh, I really need a stitch soon.’”

Obviously, a little blood isn’t a turn-off for Fox, who gave Machine Gun Kelly a necklace containing her own blood drops in their early days. “I hang your blood around my neck,” he said. I have written On Instagram in February, with a photo of the gift.

He later explained to Ellen DeGeneres that Fox gave her blood when filming in Bulgaria. He was “surprised” by the fact that he couldn’t visit her because he didn’t have a passport. “In other words, some people give handkerchiefs to their partners.” MGK Told DeGeneres, Around Buzzfeed.. “She gave me her DNA.”

Machine Gun Kelly Stabbed Himself Trying to Impress Megan Fox Source link Machine Gun Kelly Stabbed Himself Trying to Impress Megan Fox

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