Ludacris shares the most difficult part of parenting for four daughters


Daddy girl! Under his belt are four No. 1 singles, with over 12 songs with Billboard in the top ten. Ludacris You don’t have to impress anyone lately.But the multi-platinum artist still wants to keep his four daughters — Karma, 20 years old Kai, 7, Cadence, 6, Chance, 2 months — His good side.Grammy Award winners We weekly And I shared the most difficult part of being a girl’s dad exclusively.

“The worst part is when they start crying,” he admitted. “It’s bittersweet. They’re crying, falling into my arms and asking me for something. I don’t know how to say no, that’s the worst part.”

The bridge between Ludacris and Eudoxie with her daughters Karma, Kai and Cadence. Like Udoxy’s sister Cristella Mimi. Udoxy Bridge / Instagram Courtesy

Ludacris further said that the girls were “wrapping around their fingers.”

His advice to other girl dads is simple: “Just be patient and make sure you exercise a lot to balance testosterone levels in your home.”

For the best part of being his girl’s dad, Karma world The creator said, “The girl takes care of me, so when I’m a very old man, I’ll take care of me a lot.”

Ludacris Admits He Doesnt Know How to Say No to His Four Girls 01

Daughter’s chance Oyari Bridge and Ludacris. Courtesy of Ludacris / Instagram

Some of his music may not be safe for children, but the artist has created a new platform just for the younger generation.

“I have this platform for kids to enrich music. It’s a platform to educate kids and KidNation..So we partnered with this company [Moose Toys] What my kids absolutely love, and we made an original song called “Puppy Love”, “he shared. We.. “It’s the ideas and inspiration behind grooming, and it’s important to understand that you can put special attention and responsibility on your puppy and that it’s underneath. I’m all educating a new generation. We are devoted to doing, because when we have children, that is what your life is devoted to making the world a better place. “

For more information on Ludacris Learn more about the collaboration between KidNation and Moose Toys.. You can also listen to the new soundtrack to his new Netflix show. Karma world..

Ludacris shares the most difficult part of parenting for four daughters

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