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    Low-cost ventilator set to help people in low-income countries

    Credits: Thomas Angus / Imperial College London

    The new low-cost ventilator design invented during COVID-19 can address the global shortage of ventilators for other respiratory illnesses.

    The ventilators needed by patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) who suffer from respiratory diseases such as COVID-19, influenza, and tuberculosis are easier and cheaper to manufacture than the ventilators currently available.

    Currently, the creators of the design are promising technologies first developed for emergency short-term ventilators in response to the coronavirus pandemic to address the long-term shortage of mechanical ventilators in developing countries. I hope it helps.

    In a new treatise published in Frontier of medical technology, Researcher behind “RELAVENT” Ventilator (Formerly known as JAM VENT) has demonstrated that this design meets all the performance requirements set out in ISO 80601, the international standard for critical care ventilators. The team also showed that the system works equally well with household oxygen concentrators, similar to the pressurized gas supply found in hospitals.

    This paper also describes the design of the prototype and details the rigorous testing required for regulatory approval.They follow funding and approval Medical equipment, Ventilator can be used at low and-Middle income country (LMIC) and emerging economies (NEE) suffering from a historic long-term shortage of ventilators.

    Dr. Joseph van Battenberg Sherwood, Principal Investigator, Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College London, said: In addition, most of the new ventilator designs created for COVID-19 are based on urgent short-term manufacturing, LMIC and NEEs. “

    The next step towards approval as a medical device is the development of mass-produced medical devices from the advanced prototyping stage, which must be carried out under special regulatory conditions. To do this, they launched a startup known as Phaedrus World Medical Limited with two experienced medical technology entrepreneurs. They are currently seeking investment to turn their designs into usable ventilators.

    Liz Hughes, CEO of Phaedrus World Medical Limited, said: Thanks to the efforts of a great Imperial College engineering team and clinical input from medical advisors who have direct experience in the target market. “

    The beauty of simplicity

    Dr. Jakob Mathiszig-Lee, co-author of the Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial, said: Other respiratory illnesses such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, and influenza cause more deaths each year in LMIC and NEE than in COVID-19. “

    Dr. van Batenburg-Sherwood said: In this way, we made the technology much cheaper and less expensive to manufacture and maintain. “

    Co-author Professor James Moore, translation director of Imperial’s Bioengineering Division, said: Respiratory disease World wide. We have the right technology to help address this unmet medical need and hope to attract investment to further it. ”

    Statement issued on the use of anesthesia machines as ventilators

    For more information:
    Michael Madekurozwa et al, A Novel Ventilator Design for COVID-19 and Resource-Limited Settings, Frontier of medical technology (2021). DOI: 10.3389 / fmedt.2021.707826

    Quote: A low-cost ventilator set up to help people in low-income countries (October 5, 2021) https: // Obtained from people-low-income on October 5, 2021-countries.html

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