Thursday, October 21, 2021

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    Long smog | Financial Times

    Renewable energy updates

    Smog is back!

    You may have noticed energy prices, especially outdated types such as oil, I went to Nusso.. At pixel time, black ones are trading at $ 8 per barrel. In other words, it has risen 55% annually and is trading at the highest price in three years.This is the only target price for Cathie Wood $ 12 a barrel,Huh? Meanwhile, Australian steaming coal increased 88% to $ 204 per ton.

    The allocation of responsibility for this bad energy bull market depends on your political persuasion, but one factor driving this is the increasingly unpopular extraction of fossil fuels, regardless of geopolitical significance. Is to be. But what if the supply is down and Greenfinger’s renewable energy can’t fill that void? good . .. .. * All gestures *

    But there is one thing that is clear. That means it was a good time to own a stock that wouldn’t save the world from itself. This is the monthly chart I just summarized showing iShares Global Energy ETFs and their own Clean Energy ETFs. Out performance of 12.9% in the past month alone. Talk about Alpha!

    There is no doubt that FT Alphaville is in the right place for ESG investors. But again what is that phrase about good intentions?

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