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Bakersfield, California 2021-10-10 20:30:00 –

A local group of family-owned garbage carriers sells its business to a large Fontana-based company that aims to take over the garbage picking, recycling, green and organic waste contracts between Bakersfield and the Khan County franchise. I agreed to do it.

The terms of the sales contract signed on October 1 have not been disclosed. Changes in local housing or commercial services or rates are not expected, and Burrtec Waste Industries Inc., the owner of the proposed purchaser, said it did not anticipate personnel changes in the organization.

The businesses sold are Howard’s Garbage Service Co., Ltd., Lamont Sanitation Co., Ltd., Mountainside Disposal Co., Ltd., Price Disposal Co., Ltd., Superior Sanitation Service Co., Ltd., Verner Brothers Co., Ltd. and Verner & Sun Co., Ltd. , As well as two aggregate companies, Kahn.Waste Disposal Co., Ltd. and Metropolitan Recycling Co., Ltd.

Money will not change unless the county oversight board approves a new franchise agreement with Burrtec. The city government does not require such action, but is still considering a deal.

The main reason local carriers wanted to sell was the cost and turmoil of future regulations, said Larry Moxley, president of Khan Refuse, who represents them. He said big companies like Burrtec are good at tackling the oncoming changes.

The privately held Burrtec has expanded to Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties through such acquisitions, owner Colebar said. The company has extensive experience in composting and using digestive tanks to dispose of food waste.

Barr had long known the owners of the businesses he was buying, and he said their employees were the kind of “good and hard-working people” he always needed. He said there would be no integration of routes or furloughs, adding that there would be no shortage of work to do.

“They will see the same driver,” he said of what local customers can expect.

State law, which comes into force on January 1, requires the removal of organic matter from commercial and residential waste streams. Apart from that, there is an upcoming requirement for waste carriers to convert their fleet into electricity.

On behalf of the owners to sell, Moxley said future operational changes would be daunting, not to mention the addition of bureaucracy and accounting.

“We had to make business decisions based on changing regulations, the way we do business, the cost of doing business and meeting all those new regulations,” he said. ..

Moxley said the application was submitted to the county on October 6 and did not indicate how quickly the board’s vote would be reached.

County Public Works Director Craig Pope said he knew little about the deal other than the intention to sell it.

Moxley said the two companies are in the process of notifying the city of the change in ownership in anticipation of a transfer agreement.

“I don’t expect problems in cities and counties,” he said.

The city has signed a contract with Khan Refusal since 1967, when Kahn Refusal was incorporated. It covers 49% of Bakersfield’s waste haul, including half of the bulky item pickups on its porch, and the remaining 51% is done by the city.

City spokesman Joseph Conroy said the two companies have a strong history of providing high quality services and working with the city. He predicted that it would continue through the proposed transition and that the city did not anticipate changes in customer service.

“The city will ensure that customers are given priority,” he said.

Local waste haulers agree to sale | News Source link Local waste haulers agree to sale | News

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