Liz Cheney Says January 6 Committee in “Discussions” with Mike Pence’s Lawyers About Testifying (VIDEO)


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RINO loser Liz Cheney on Friday said the January 6 Committee is actively in “discussions” with former Vice President Mike Pence’s counsel about testifying.

“We’ve been in discussions with his counsel,” Cheney said during a sit-down interview with ABC’s Jon Karl.

“Look, he played a critical role on January 6. If he had succumbed to the pressure that Donald Trump was putting on him, we would have had a much worse constitutional crisis. And I think that he has clearly, as he’s expressed, concerns about executive privilege, which, you know, I have tremendous respect. I think it’s, you know, hugely important constitutional issue in terms of separation of powers,” Cheney said.

“I believe in executive privilege. I think it matters. But I also think that when the country has been through something, as grave as this was, everyone who has information has an obligation to step forward. So, I would hope that that he will do that,” Cheney said.

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“So, you think we’ll see him here in September in this room before the committee?” Karl asked.

“I would hope that he will understand how important it is for the American people to know every aspect of the truth about what happened that day,” Cheney said.

Cheney was asked if Trump would be asked to testify to the January 6 Committee.

“I don’t want to make any announcements about that this morning. So, let me just leave it there,”


On Wednesday Mike Pence eagerly said he would ‘consider’ testifying to the January 6 Committee.


Thankfully Wyoming voters booted Liz Cheney from office this week.

Partial transcript courtesy of ABC News.


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