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    Little Women: It’s All Coming to an End on Lifetime!

    Big news for fans of the Little Woman franchise.

    Little Women: Joe Gnoffo, husband of LA star Terra Jole, jumped to Instagram this week, quite strongly suggesting that the show is about to end.

    He simply Tips, To tell the truth.

    He came out immediately and said it.

    “Last week’s Little Woman: Atlanta Season Finale is likely to be all the conclusions of Little Woman on the Lifetime Network,” Gnoffo wrote.

    He added:

    Speaking of “Little Woman”, thank you to your wife, Terra Jor!

    Terra was an executive producer of Little Women: LA from the beginning, then a little boogie Uzi of Dancing With the Stars, in addition to about 10 spin-offs and specials.

    Gnoffo insta

    I conclude my lifelong personality:

    What I mean is Terra bowing! You knocked it out of the park!

    Personally, her favorite show was Terra’s Little Family, but I could be prejudiced. Or maybe Penny is a star like mom!

    Thanks to all the fans! You’re some crazy mofo, but you kept this little idea that my wife would go for about 8 years. cheers!

    Joe Nyofo

    For clarity, Gnoffo doesn’t have a final word about cancellation or anything.

    Insider recently told Sun that the future of the Little Woman franchise has yet to be resolved.

    “We were planning to start shooting in May, but we stopped shooting because LA was closed,” the source quoted the city’s Covid-19 limit to the outlet. explained.

    Lifelong woman

    Little Woman: LA premiered at Lifetime in 2014.

    However, new episodes of the program have not been broadcast since August 2019.

    Meanwhile, Little Woman: Atlanta kicked off in 2016, with the final episode of Season 6 airing earlier this month.

    Little Women: LA spawned the spin-offs Little Women: NY (finished in 2016 two seasons later) and Little Women: Dallas … This ended in 2017.

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