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Lisa Vander Pump Outflow’Vander Pump Rule’Season 9 Secret

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When will the wait end? Lisa Vander Pump Spilled tea in the next season Vander pump rules, And it sounds like It’s becoming one of the best ever..

“As always, it’s very well made because it has a lot of content, a lot of great music, and a lot of great visuals.” Beverly Hills real housewife Alum, 60 years old We weekly Only while promoting a partnership with Febreze. “But it also runs very fast. This show wasn’t for the timid!”

Lisa Vander Pump.

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There have been many changes in SUR since Season 8 aired in 2020, but most were shot in 2019. Kristen Doot, Jacks Taylor, Brittany Cart Light When Stash Schrader After Season 8 was over, he was released from the series. Lala Kent When ShanasheiMeanwhile, I became a mother.

Despite all that change, Lisa thinks The person who shakes things the most This season Block Davis, Who is engaged in Scheana, 36.

“He definitely brings some surprises,” said a British native. We.. “And the whole relationship is a bit … amazing.”

When asked who he thought was the most unusual since Season 1, Bravo’s personality couldn’t be settled on just one cast member.

“I think I’ve seen it Ariana [Madix] I will grow up, “she explained. “I saw it [Tom] Sandoval.. [Tom] Schwartz Still a very puppy dog. Sure, many of them have worked for me for years before attending the show, so I’ve seen a lot of maturity in some of them. So just to see them seize the opportunity — that is, they bought their own home. They have a little responsibility to have children. Well, there has been considerable growth. “

Earlier this year, 36-year-old Ariana said We that Shooting for Season 9 was complicated.. “It’s mountains and valleys — very high heights and even some moments were very difficult,” she said in June. “But I think that means it will probably be. [good TV].. Whenever it’s really difficult for you as a person, you can assume that it will be great for others to see. “

Asked if the new episode would deal with a potential marriage between Ariana and Sandval, Lisa didn’t give an honest answer.

“I’m not going to talk about the whole season,” she joked. “You have to tune in, and you will like it.”

Season 9 Vander pump rules Premiered at Bravo on Tuesday, September 28th at 9pm EST.

Report by Sarah Heron

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Lisa Vander Pump Outflow’Vander Pump Rule’Season 9 Secret

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