Liquid Kratom Extract Products: The Best Vendors on the Market, Where to buy the Best Liquid Kratom Extracts and Tinctures


Kratom extracts and tinctures are currently the strongest kratom products on the market.

Kratom extraction science can now produce products that are over 80% pure alkaloids which is one reason many see extracts as the best way to gain the physical and mental benefits of kratom.

The Top Liquid Kratom Extracts Vendors

For this article we employed a strict evaluation standard and did not include any product that does not state the exact alkaloid content on their label or website.

We judged based on the concentration of the extract as well as the price but also how ethically they source their materials. Transparency in the herbal and pharmaceutical industry is paramount.

#1. BuyKratom.Shop: Most Popular Kratom Extract Products

If you want the most popular kratom products at the best price then BuyKratom.Shop is the perfect place. They have the highest quality kratom extract products on the market. They offer a wide range of kratom extract products as well as the extremely popular MIT-45 extract and the popular OPMS.

– Popular headshop brand.

-45% mitragynine content.

-10ml bottles for $14.99. Dozen 10ml bottles for $139.99.

-Popular headshop brand

-42% mitragynine content.

-8.8ml bottles for $16.95

Free shipping for orders over $50.

#2. Kraken Kratom: Best Online Liquid Extracts


This family-owned business has been up and running ever since 2014. Based out of Portland Oregon they specialize in high-quality, all-natural kratom. They were one of the first kratom companies to be GMP certified confirming Kraken’s efforts to legitimize kratom in an industry faced with massive lobbying challenges.

Many consider Kraken Kratom to have the highest quality kratom extracts on the market and they consistently appear as the top kratom extract vendor lists on the internet. They make it a point to put their customer first and offer a 30-day return policy so long as the product’s seal is unbroken.

-15ml for $24.99

-Full spectrum extraction

-47% pure kratom alkaloids

-70mg full spectrum alkaloid content

#3. Phytoextractum: Most Potent/Cheapest and Kratom Extract


Accredited by the American Kratom Association, Phytoextractum boasts all kratom accessories you would ever need. They sell books explaining the legal battle with the plant and providing clarity on kratom’s safe use. Phytoextractum has over 18 different strains of kratom to explore, together with 24 other extracts and many different capsules to check out.

Phytoextractum also offers some of the most strict lab testings on the market. They were one of the first outlets to become one of the American Kratom Association’s GMP-qualified kratom vendors. Testing for pathogens, including coliforms, salmonella, mold, and yeast, is standard.

-Full-spectrum extract

-129mg total mitragynine

-15ml bottles for $23.99

They offer a 30-day return policy only for packages that have not been unopened. All orders over $75 get free same-day shipping.

#4. The Evergreen Tree


The Evergreen Tree offers a range of kratom products from capsules to powder and liquids. They place great importance on lab testing. All raw kratom that they source is subject to stringent testing for heavy metals, molds, and alkaloid quality.

They provide customer support Monday to Friday and are based in Las Vegas. Their products are honestly labeled and the percentage of active ingredients is precise.

-20mg of alkaloids in each ml making it very potent.

-100 ml bottle for $162.00

A 15% discount is for all first-time customers.


#5. Lit Culture: Most Tasty Kratom Extract Product

Lit Culture makes this list because they sell a unique kratom extract drink that is as tasty as potent. They sell their kratom extract in two different flavors: Black honey and butterscotch. Their products come with excellent reviews from customers who often claim that Lit Culture offers the best-tasting kratom product ever!

Measuring in at over 105mg of mitragynine per bottle, you’re sure to feel the kick. Enjoy the benefit of a Kratom bar in your own home!

-105mg mitragynine per bottle

-Full spectrum extract

-Butterscotch flavored

Lit Culture also offers kratom in tablet and capsule form. They are not AKA certified, but they do carry an AKA GMP certification. All of their products have honest labeling and the company has been around for a long time. Lit Culture are trailblazers in creating new kratom products that are super enjoyable to use.

Get Connected To Quality Liquid Kratom Extracts Today

That concludes our round-up of the most reputable suppliers of kratom products available on the market today. Kratom has faced its fair share of concern in recent times. Still, if you stick to the companies that uphold the highest quality and testing standards then kratom is an incredibly safe product.

Take your pick of the best and experience the wonders of kratom for yourself. Fuel yourself so you’re ready to take on the world!

Be sure to check with a doctor to see if kratom is right for you.


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