Life in Niagara Falls for Immigrants


We understand that it can be difficult for Immigrants to make a choice of the city to work, go for holidays, or even go to school. We will be talking about one of the amazing cities in Canada- Niagara falls with emphasis on life in Niagara falls for Immigrants.

Niagara falls is an exciting geological area that is located between lakes Ontario and Erie. Without a doubt, it is home to some of the fertile agricultural lands in Canada as well as one of the most famous waterfalls in the world

Hence, life in Niagara falls for Immigrants is filled with recreational opportunities and beautiful histories.

In this article, you will learn about the high quality of life and affordability in Niagara. However, despite the very many pros for living in Niagara, there are some cons to battle with. No worries, we will be analyzing these things for you- just for you!

 Where is Niagara Falls?

The Niagara Falls is located on the Niagara River in northeastern America that connects two out of the five great lakes- lake Ontario and lake Erie together. Basically, the fall lies on the border between Canada, the U.S, New York States, and Ontario, serving as an international border between the Canada and USA.

Without a doubt, Niagara falls serves as a center for attraction for many decades as a suitable place for honeymoon and for different stunts such as going over the falls in a barrel and working over the falls on a tightrope.

Undoubtedly, the Niagara falls are in part, separated by Goat Island. The large division that adjoined the Canadian bank is known as horseshoe falls with a height of 57 m or 188 feet, and a curve Crestline of about 670 m or 2,200 feet. Whereas the American falls that adjoins the right bank is about 58 m and 1060 ft or 320 m across.

Population of Niagara falls

Undoubtedly, Niagara falls is having a population of about 49,000. Truthfully, it is the 843rd largest city in the United States and the 14th largest city in New York. Hence, it is a city filled with people with the opportunity to make life in Niagara for immigrants a memorable one.

Cost of living in Niagara falls

Averagely, the cost of living in Niagara falls is about $1,738 and is one of the most expensive cities in the world ranking 1893rd out of 9294 of the global list of expensive cities. Whereas, it ranks 14 of 43 in Ontario, and 29th of 153 in Canada.

However, the average after-tax salary is about $2351- which is absolutely enough to cover living expenses for more than one month.

How to immigrate to Niagara falls

Without a doubt, Niagara falls are located in Ontario Canada. Life in Niagara falls for Immigrants is made easier with easy immigration pathways. Hence, students, workers, and visitors can immigrate to Niagara falls either through Provincial nominee programs, Express entry, or job offers.

Certainly, you will have to create an Express entry profile using the available programs such as Canada experience class, federal skilled worker program, and federal skilled trades program.

Also, you can Immigrate to Canada using the provincial nominee program and via the unique Ontario provincial nominee program. Undoubtedly, the Ontario provincial nominee program is a program that is operated by the Ontario government.

Perhaps, you want to immigrate to Niagara falls as a Worker, student, or on a visit, you can utilize any of the above pathways to fully enjoy life in Niagara falls for immigrants.

Oftentimes, the Ontario government approves qualified immigrants to the Ontario immigrants nominee program and offers permanent residency to qualified individuals after a long thorough assessment. Interestingly, there is a 600 CRS point score to help enjoy life in Niagara falls for immigrants.

Therefore, you will have to register on the Express Entry pool and go for the Ontario immigrants nominee program (or any other programs). You will be invited to apply for permanent residency if your application is successful, then you can submit the necessary documents and pay an application fee- 150 CAD.

Weather in Niagara Falls

Without a doubt, in summer, Niagara falls are usually warm. While it is freezing, windy, and snowy in the Winters. And it is usually cloudy (partly) all around the year. The temperature in Niagara falls rarely falls below 4°F or above 88°F, but usually from 18°F to 80°F over the year.

Ideally, the best time to enjoy life in Niagara falls for immigrants in summer is between late June to early September based on the tourism score. Although the warm season usually lasts between May 28 to Sept 18. Oftentimes, the hottest month is July with a temperature of 80°F and 64°F.

However, winter seasons range between December 4 to March 14 at an average daily temperature of 40°F. Whereas, the coldest month in Niagara falls in January, with a low average temperature low of 20°F and a high of 31°F.

Schools in Niagara Falls

School life in Niagara falls for immigrants is remarkable and interesting. There are different categories of education ranging from primary schools to middle schools and then high schools.

The following are some examples of the different categories of schools in Niagara falls to give a remarkable life in Niagara falls for immigrants.

Primary schools in Niagara falls

  • Cataract Elementary School
  • 79th Street Elementary School
  • Harry F. Abate Elementary School
  • Geraldine J. Mann Elementary School
  • Henry J. Kalfas Magnet School
  • Maple Avenue Elementary School
  • Hyde Park Elementary

Middle schools in Niagara falls

  • Gaskill Preparatory School
  • LaSalle Preparatory School

High schools

  • Niagara Falls High School

Transit in Niagara falls

Without a doubt, transportation life in Niagara falls for Immigrants isn’t too hectic. There are different public transit bus system that operates on a seven-days-a-week to make life in Niagara falls for immigrants easy. However, one of the best ways to go around Niagara is on foot.

In fact, you can get across Canada to the United States within a 20-minute walk across the rainbow bridge. Though, you can board the free Discover Niagara shuttle.

Funny enough, owning a car is not too ideal in Niagara. The cost of parking could be too expensive, traffic and road congestion can be frustrating as well

For Immigrants who want to travel on air, the Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) is 30 miles away from Niagara Falls International Airport (IAG). But operates from Spirit and Allegiant arriving or departing from southeastern U.S. cities, such as Florida, Fort Lauderdale, South Carolina, Myrtle Beach, among others.

You can easily get shuttles, taxis, rental cars, and ride-hailing services like Lyft and Uber from both airports at the sides of the falls. Also, travelers can utilize WEGO to have a fantastic life in Niagara falls for immigrants, connecting attractions and accommodation within the Niagara falls areas.

Life in Niagara Falls for Immigrants – Pros and Cons

Without a doubt, life in Niagara for immigrants booms with fantastic experience, cool investment opportunities, world-class sports facility and a lot more. However, despite the very many pros and wonderful Life in Niagara for immigrants, there are still some cons and disadvantages in Niagara that you should know about

Therefore, we will be accessing the pros and cons of life in Niagara Falls for immigrants in this section.


The following are the pros of life in Niagara Falls for immigrants.

#1. Affordable commercial rentals

Basically, in Niagara, there are far more affordable commercial renters than in Toronto. Because of the increasing rents in Toronto, entrepreneurs such as restaurant owners, artists, cafe owners, and hairstylists have moved into Niagara to enjoy cheap rent. Because Niagara falls promises a comfortable life in Niagara Falls for immigrants and business owners to carry out their businesses at ease.

#2. Affordable real estate

Not only is commercial rent affordable in Canada but also real estate. Without a doubt, immigrants can get acreage for about $400,000 as compared to the tiny studio you can get for the same amount in Toronto

#3. You will enjoy grapes

Undoubtedly, the ideal and moderate weather (long Summers and moderate winter season) gives an ideal life in Niagara Falls for immigrants. Certainly, you can call Niagara Ontario “the fruit belt” because the region is popular for growing grapes. Hence, you can fully enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in Niagara

#4. Home for wines

Interestingly, Niagara Falls is one of the best wineries in the world, it is popularly known for its meaderies, cideries, and breweries. Some of the best wines are Gamays, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noirs

#5. One of the best views in the world

Looking for the best waterfall for Instagram views? Try Niagara Falls. Unquestionably, Niagara falls have some of the prettiest nature scenes on it. You sure have a lot of things to explore when you move to Niagara or go on holiday


Despite the very many interesting places and the life in Niagara for immigrants, there are still some cons you should know about. They are:

#1. Crowded all year round

Because Niagara Falls is one of the tourist cities in the world, it is often crowded. So, if you avoid tourists, you should not move anywhere near Clifton Hill or Fallsview. You can move to some other residential areas which are more quiet and peaceful.

#2. Traffic

Without a doubt, one of the main challenges of Niagara Falls is heavy traffic. This is because the street system is not adequately managed. Hence, it can be a frustrating life in Niagara for immigrants, especially on the first drive. However, you will learn how to have your way around the traffic at later times. Two of the busiest spot in Niagara is Stanley avenues and Lundy’s Lane, especially at the peak of the season.

#3. Poor transit system

Truthfully, the transit system in Niagara is not used because of its inadequately planned route structure. Therefore, life in Niagara for immigrants might be frustrating with this transit system

#4. Insufficient shopping mall

Basically, there is only one mall in Niagara- Niagara Square. However, there are some other small outlets but it’s not as big as calling it a shopping center.

Life in Saint John for Immigrants

Frequently Asked Questions

Has anyone died in Niagara Falls?

Yes, an estimated body of 5,000 people has been found at the foot of Niagara Falls between 1850 and 2011. Therefore, you need to be careful.

Can I walk over the rainbow bridge without a passport?

Basically, No!. You need a passport to get back to the US when you move on the rainbow bridge


In conclusion, Niagara fall is not just a tourist center, it is a mix of peaceful rural and urban centers. The amazing tourist attraction makes it an exciting life in Niagara for immigrants. Therefore, if you can manage the cons of immigrating to Niagara, we take Niagara as a nice place for you!



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