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If you bring it Bad news about Twitter Technology Stock PricesVery helpful people will send you a multi-year chart that puts the recent decline in a historical context. Yes, thank you; I didn’t know I could zoom out.

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It is either a malicious argument or a fear of not being disguised that it is necessary to instinctively declare that the sale of tech stock is not a problem. We’ll talk more about this soon. Anyway, the negative price fluctuations of recent tech stocks, especially software stocks, are important.

Why? Not only are software stocks technically flirtatious in the bear market territory, The fastest growing Technology company. This means that multiples of public ratings (still a key indicator of private unicorns and young startups) are shrinking.

exchange banner sq yllw plusHas the rating shifted enough to delay the current venture capital jackpot? Probably not. But we may be closer to that turning point than you think.


NS Bessemer cloud index Is traceable in the public market thanks to WisdomTree Cloud Computing Fund, This is basically a trading version of the company set.

After reaching a 52-week high of $ 65.51 last month, the market value of software company baskets has fallen to $ 53.00 as of this morning. This is a 19.1% decline, 90 basis points below the 20% required for a particular asset or asset collection to reach the territory of the technical bear market.

In other words, we are nearby.

Let’s talk about the SaaS selloff – TechCrunch Source link Let’s talk about the SaaS selloff – TechCrunch

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