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    Leonardo DiCaprio Parties on Gas-Guzzling Superyacht: Is He a Total Hypocrite?

    Leonardo DiCaprio seems unlucky when it comes to big and expensive boats.

    Unlike his fictional experience at Titanic, But the real actor found himself hot This time is water.

    Leo is best known for him Series of super young girlfriends, But he is almost well known for his environmental activities.

    That’s why the heartbeat of the past is now being blamed for having a party on a gas-squirting superyacht.

    Like many people who aren’t working in health care, retail, food, or other important services, Leonardo DiCaprio has recently enjoyed his vacation.

    In his case, he did so on a superyacht during his trip to St. Barthélemy.

    The 315-foot, $ 150 million Vava II superyacht must have made his vacation feel like all about comfort and convenience. Staycation..

    Leonardo DiCaprio at 2016 Oscar

    Leo is a celebrity climate change ambassador to the United Nations.

    He correctly refers to climate change as “the most urgent threat facing all of our species.”

    Using his fame and platform, he has constantly advocated that the world take this seriously, even using his career for that purpose.

    Leonardo DiCaprio on stage

    However, the superyacht he was partying to is estimated to consume as much carbon during a voyage of just seven miles as the average car uses in a year.

    The Vava II has six decks and is equipped with a heliport.

    Refilling a fuel tank costs as much as $ 250,000. It’s a huge gas bill-for a huge amount of fossil fuels.

    Leonardo DiCaprio: Full-body photo at 2106 Oscar

    The Vava II is the largest type of yacht manufactured in the United Kingdom.

    Leo was there with his 24-year-old girlfriend Camila Morrone. Titanic I was shooting.

    They partyed it with a friend, but Superyacht belongs to the Swiss pharmaceutical company billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli.

    Camilla Morone Photo

    For most of us who aren’t mega-rich, a home with a gym, pool, and cinema is considered expensive at best.

    This superyacht boasts more than that and can accommodate 22 guests.

    In addition to celebrating the New Year at UNICEF Gala, Leo and Camilla were seen having a party on the beach in St. Baht before retiring to a superyacht.

    Leonardo DiCaprio: amfAR

    Using a superyacht as a hotel can be a waste of money.

    But when a yacht is a mile and the average car emits carbon emissions in two months, it feels even more dire.

    Is Leo a huge hypocrite to push to fight climate change while trampling on such wide carbon dioxide emissions during the holidays?

    leonardo dicaprio uk premiere of the revenant

    The answer is complicated.

    On the other hand, supporting social change does not mean that you are hypocritical to being in society.

    It’s great to want more ethically sourced food, but you still have to eat in the meantime. The same goes for clothing and transportation.

    Leonardo DiCaprio Holds Oscar for Best Actor in the Press Room

    On the other hand, the use of such superyachts is excessive.

    Vehicles have reportedly traveled up to about a mile each day, but the associated excess is undeniable.

    Everyone has the right to enjoy it from time to time, but this is a great reminder that the lifestyles of wealthy people have a far greater impact.

    Leonardo DiCaprio: EE British Academy Film Awards

    But perhaps the most important point is that the idea that individual action is the key to solving a climate crisis is a carefully constructed lie.

    We can all take steps to reduce our footprint for many good reasons, but that’s a kind of “plastic straw ban” approach-because it doesn’t address the real problem.

    Only 100 companies account for 70% of global emissions. The solution to this is through legislation, innovation, and radical reform.

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