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    Learn about all her relationships – Hollywood Life

    Megan Fox dated some sultry stars in Hollywood before engaging Machine Gun Kelly — learn everything about her dating history here.

    Megan FoxNew romance with rockers Machine Gun Kelly She was in the limelight. The 34-year-old actress isn’t a stranger to fame and flashing lights, but Megan is usually very private when it comes to her personal life, especially romance.She spent most of her career with her ex-husband and actor Brian Austin Green, Megan dated some notable names in Hollywood.When she and MGK are preparing to get married (they are their engagement January 12, 2022), relive all of Megan’s relationships.

    1. Ben Lee Hee (2000-2003)

    Megan’s high school lover, Ben Lee Hee, Was not a Hollywood type. Then again, when they dated, they were just teenagers, and Megan’s acting career wasn’t taking off at that time. However, Megan received high praise only when he talked about Ben in a 2009 interview. “He was so sweet and wonderful, he was really tall, big and perfect, and he was a bad guy,” she said. HollywoodLifeof Sister site, Rolling stone“I was completely attracted to him,” he added.

    2. David Gallagher (2003-2004)

    Megan Fox and David Gallagher at the New York premiere of “Confessions of the Teen Drama Queen” on February 17, 2004. (Photo provider: MEGA)

    Megan’s short-lived romance 7th Heaven actor, David Gallagher It happened at the beginning of her acting career.She just starred as a villain Lindsay Lohan-movie, Confession of teen drama queen, And everyone wanted to know who the new Hollywood it girl was. Megan brought David to the movie premiere in New York in February 2004. They called it quit later in the year.

    3. Shia LaBeouf (mid 2000s)

    Megan Fox & Shia LaBeouf
    Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox at the LA premiere of “Eagle Eye” on September 16, 2008. (Photo provider: AP)

    This is tricky.With Megan Shia LaBeouf date. Their on-screen chemistry is Transformers The movie led to a rumbling about the real romance between the two. In 2007, Megan and Shire starred as a powerful couple, Samwittwicky and Mikaela Banes, who fought robots to save the world from massive destruction. They replayed their character in the 2009 follow-up of the movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.. Shiites later returned for the third movie in 2011, Transformers: Dark of the MoonBut Megan didn’t. Instead, the model, Rosie Huntington Whiteley It was taken over as a new Shiite love interest. The bottom line is — Megan and Shiite romance occurred sometime in the mid-2000s.

    The Shiites were the first to shed light on their relationship. “Look, you’ve been on the set for six months, and the people you support are attracted to you, and you’re supporting them to be attracted. I separate work and life in such situations. I didn’t understand, “he said. detail “But I think the time I spent with Megan is ours and we can see the chemistry on the screen,” he added.

    After seven years of fast-forwarding, Megan finally took over her relationship. “Um, that is, make sure it was romantic. I love him,” she said. See what happens with Andy Cohen In November 2018. “I’ve never really been private about it. I love him.” For fellow guests, Tyra Banks Suggesting that Megan and Shea have “showmance,” Megan replied, “Of course.”

    In any case, Megan and Shia are always in a good relationship. In 2019, Megan Slowback photo From movies to Instagram. “It was the summer 13 years ago,” she wrote in the caption of her post.

    4. Brian Austin Green (2004-2020)

    megan fox romantic history embed 3
    Megan Fox and Brian Austin Lean at the Golden Globe Awards on January 16, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo provider: AP)

    Megan and BrianThe turbulent love story began in 2004. Since the two had an on and off relationship, you’ll notice some overlap in her other romance. Things didn’t last until the actor and actress got married in June 2010. They welcomed their two sons together — Noah Shannon, (Currently 8) and Bodhi ransom (Currently 6).

    In April 2016, Megan and Brian’s marriage went through a significant portion of the ups and downs, leading to an impending divorce. But after Megan discovered that he was pregnant with a third child, they decided to continue working in their relationship, Journey River (Currently 4). They reconciled with a romantic vacation to the Hawaiian Islands, and things seemed to go well between Megan and Brian.

    Then things changed in 2020, and just before the 10th anniversary of marriage, Megan was found hanging out with Machine Gun Kelly.Actresses and musicians Taken together May 14th, and two days later, May 16th. Megan did not wear a wedding ring in either case. Needless to say, May 16th happened to be Megan’s 34th birthday.At the same time, Brian was seen With or without his ring Similarly.

    Only a few days after the photo was released, Brian Confirmed rumors of split To be true during the episodes of his podcast, … With Brian Austin Green.. “I love her all the time, and I know she always loves me. I know the family we have built is really cool and really special,” Brian said. He talked about Megan and explained that he would continue to be a family member. He said they “take family vacations and vacations as a family and make it the focus of the children.”Brian also said he “always loves her,” despite breaking up. [Megan].. And I know she always loves me. I know that what we have built is really cool and really special for the family. “

    In the same episode, Brian talked about Megan’s then photography at MGK. “She met this guy, Corson [MGK’s real name]On the set … I’ve never met him … Megan and I talked about him, “Brian said, but stated,” They are just friends at this point. ” He added, “I trust her judgment. She has always made really good judgments. I don’t want people to think she or he was a villain or I was a victim. “

    Also in May, Brian discussed further about the new relationship between Megan and MGK. “She said,” While I was away from the country where I worked alone, I felt like myself and realized that during that experience I liked myself more. I think it might be worth a try for you, “remembered a previous conversation with Megan during Brian. Another episode of his podcast..

    Not surprisingly, the actor took the news quite enthusiastically. “And I was shocked and angry with it,” Brian continued, but he said, “I can’t get angry with her. That’s why I didn’t get angry with her. She didn’t want to feel that way. It wasn’t the choice she chose, that’s the way she felt honest. “Megan divorced from Brian on November 25, 2020. I applied and mentioned “differences that cannot be reconciled”. She listed November 2019 as the date of separation of court documents, and Brian wrote March 5, 2020 as the official termination date between the two.

    5. Machine Gun Kelly (2020-Present)

    Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly
    Machine Gun Kelly and Megan took a photo on September 24, 2020 at the Dream Hotel leaving a festive dinner for his new album “Tickets to My Downfall”. (Photo provider: MEGA)

    As you know, Megan moved from Brian to MGK. In May 2020, Megan and MGK fueled romance rumors when they appeared as a love interest in the music video for his song “Bloody Valentine”. Shortly after the video was released, they made their first PDA outing at a bar in Los Angeles on June 15th. Megan and MGK were photographed kissing and holding hands outside the facility.

    The new couple recently traveled together to Puerto Rico Work / vacation trip [the same one Brian references in his podcast episodes], Shoot the next crime thriller Midnight switchgrass. However, because the COVID-19 test was positive, the production of the movie was stopped in October 2020.

    After they got together, MGK said it love at first sight When he met Megan, he saidTwin flames, “Also known as soulmate. When you know, you know! On November 22, the pair made their red carpet debut as a couple at the 2020 American Music Awards. “Once in a lifetime, magic can happen, but this next performer has all received his spell since his debut in 2012,” Megan said.

    And on January 12, 2022, Megan and Machine Gun Kelly revealed their engagement!He Emerald and diamond ring That he helped with the design. Isn’t it cute?

    Learn about all her relationships – Hollywood Life

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