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Leah Messer Suffers Harassment Online: Your Disabled Daughter Is Obese!

At this point, Leah Messer has been in the spotlight for well over a decade.

So she knows how to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous commenters and all the vile hatred they have to spew.

But we all have our breaking points.

And as accustomed as she’s become to getting bullied and harassed by trolls, it seems Leah will not tolerate a world in which her daghters are forced to suffer the same mistreatment.

As you’re probably aware, one of Leah’s twin daughters, Aliannah Simms, suffers from muscular dystrophy.

It’s the worst kind of illness — the kind that too often gets worse with the passage of time, not better.

Leah has been candid about her heartbreakm as she suffeerstrs as she watching her daughter’s condition deteriorate.

Further complicating matter the matter is the fact that Leah’s oher two daughters are of the active, rambunctious variety.

To her credit, Leah devotes equal time and attention to all of her daughters.

This week, she posted the photo above in which she can be seen conversing with Ali.

“I wouldn’t change you for the world, but I’ll do whatever it takes to change the world for you!” she captioned the photo.

She added the hashtags, “#MDwontstopher #GirlMom #MuscularDystrophy.”

It’s hard to imagine how anyone could respond to that post with anything but praise for a loving mom and a courageous young girl.

But the internet is a truly evil place, and even posts as hateful as this one can attract haters.

“She needs a strict diet she has gotten obese it’s disturbing,” one commenter wrote, seemingly apropos of nothing.

Obviously, it’s just about the most horrendous thing a person can say in this situation, but Leah was surprisingly polite in her clap back/

“Wow. Obese? What a sh-tty comment,” she began.

“Unfortunately, we get comments like this frequently. So let me bring you some insight,” Messer went to explain.

“Ali’s body does not ‘build muscle’ or ‘break down fat’ the way ours do. We all eat a very healthy diet!” Lea continued.

“Do some research on her disease. Maybe even share a meal plan idea with us next time. We would love that!” she concluded.

Now, folks, that’s how you administer an effective clap-back.

Sure, it might have been more satisfying for Leah to just really go off on the guy, but this way he might actuall learn something about the issue and change his mind.

One hopes that if a reality star appears on screen for more than ten years, they’ll demonstrate some major growth and positive change — and this is further evidence that Leah has done exactly that.

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