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    Lauren Swanson: Pregnant With Baby #2?!

    There has been a lot of bad news for the Dagger family in the last few months.

    In fact, 2021 consisted of a series of scandals by Jim Bob and his company.

    However, 2022 seems to be off to a better start thanks to two recent developments that are likely to serve as a welcome pastime for Duggars looking forward to a bright future.

    Jeremiah Dagger is currently engaged to Hannah Wisman, And Josiah Duggar’s wife, Lauren Swanson, may be pregnant with her second child.

    The word “” needs to be emphasizedMight be so” About the latter development.

    Fans are confident that Lauren and Josiah are looking forward to it, but there is no official announcement yet.

    In fact, the rumors seem to be based on about 3 seconds of footage that appeared on YouTube this week.

    Josiah, Lauren, Bella

    On the weekend, Jedidiah Morse and Katie Nakatsu Host Gender Party For their first child.

    The couple are expecting a boy, and eagle-eyed fans who have paid close attention to the videos shot at the party believe that they are not the only ones expecting a bunch of joy.

    Lauren appeared only a little in the clip, but the sight of rocking a chunky cardigan on what appears to be a warm day is enough to convince some viewers to have bread in the oven. was.

    Lauren Swanson: Are you secretly pregnant?

    Always funny r / DuggarSnark subreddit commenters are convinced that Lauren is expecting.

    Some have gone as far as to speculate that she is farther than Lauren.

    “I think Lauren looks more pregnant than Katie,” wrote one user.

    Josiah Dagger and his family

    “There is no doubt that she is pregnant. Perhaps both of her beloved sisters are due at about the same time!” Another statement.

    “She looks completely pregnant. It’s not just about weight gain.” The third chime rang.

    Of course, Duggars has the belief that women are placed on Earth for production purposes.

    Josiah Dagger

    Having as many babies as possible humanly is literally part of their religion.

    The movement of Quiverfull, to which Dagger belongs, teaches believers that it is their sacred duty to make evangelical Christians live on Earth.

    In other words, Duggars aren’t exactly ambiguous on the topic of pregnancy-they are very, very supportive of it.

    A commemorative photo of Josiah and Lauren

    So why does Lauren keep her pregnancy secret while living in such a pregnancy-promoting culture?

    The answer may be seen in the tragedy that Josiah and Lauren are still recovering.

    2019, Lauren had a miscarriage..

    1 month Bella

    “A few months ago, we knew we were expecting, but then suddenly we lost our baby,” Swanson explained to fans in a count-on episode.

    “It was really hard for our family to experience this right after we got married,” Josiah added.

    “And all the dreams of meeting our little child and having it in our hands were shattered in front of us.”

    Lauren Swanson Blues

    After enduring such trials in the public eye, it makes sense that Lauren and Josiah may prefer to leave news of future pregnancies to themselves.

    If Lauren is expecting it, I hope it’s very big If -Both mother and child are healthy and well cared for.

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